Health Holidays

January 1
Be your best self this month - join us in celebrating National Staying Healthy Month with tips, advice and activities to help you stay healthy!
January 1
Give the gift of life this National Blood Donor Month - sign up to donate and help save lives today!
January 1
Make sure your family stays safe during National Bath Safety Month - check for hazards, install safety products, and know the signs of drowning.
January 1
Celebrate Cervical Health Awareness Month by learning about cervical cancer, HPV, and other diseases to keep yourself informed and healthy!
January 1
Join us in raising awareness for Thyroid Awareness Month - learn the signs and symptoms, and how to protect your thyroid health!
January 2
Make your fitness goals a reality this National Personal Trainer Awareness Day - find an experienced trainer to help you reach your peak performance!
January 3
Celebrate Festival of Sleep Day - turn off your alarm and enjoy a day filled with restful dreams, cozy naps, and relaxing activities!
January 3
Take time to relax and unwind on International Mind-Body Wellness Day - find new ways to destress, reconnect with yourself, and boost your wellbeing!
January 5
Celebrate National Keto Day with a delicious low-carb meal! Get creative in the kitchen and enjoy all the health benefits of the keto diet.
January 8
Make your skin glow this winter season with National Winter Skin Relief Day! Try special treatments, masks and moisturizers for healthy, radiant skin.
January 9
Celebrate National Gluten-Free Day and show your support - with delicious recipes, amazing products, and great discounts!
February 1
Start the month with a commitment to your heart health! Join in on National Heart Healthy Month and get tips, recipes, and more for a healthier you.
February 1
Show your heart some love this American Heart Month - make sure to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and get regular check-ups for a healthier you!
February 1
February is National Children's Dental Health Month - help your little ones keep their smiles healthy with regular brushing and flossing!
February 1
Join the fight against cancer this month - learn more about prevention, get regular check-ups, and spread awareness!
February 9
Celebrate National Toothache Day with a healthy smile - brush and floss regularly to keep your teeth pearly white!
February 14
Give the gift of life this National Donor Day - sign up to become an organ donor and help save countless lives!
February 27
Fuel your body and mind on National Protein Day with healthy, delicious protein-packed snacks - get creative and make it a day to remember!
February 28
Join us in raising awareness for rare diseases on Rare Disease Day - help us make a difference and spread knowledge about these special causes.
March 1
Let music be your therapy on World Music Therapy Day - explore the healing power of rhythm and melody!
March 1
Make Share a Smile Day extra special - spread joy and positivity by sending thoughtful messages to friends, family, and even strangers today!
March 1
Join us in showing support for those living with Cerebral Palsy - spread awareness and make a difference!
March 1
This Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month, join us in raising awareness and fighting to end MS - together we can make a difference!
March 1
Show your support and spread awareness this National Kidney Month - join in the fight against kidney disease!
March 2
Take time to take care of yourself on World Teen Mental Wellness Day - practice self-care, reach out for help if needed, and spread awareness.
March 3
Join us in celebrating World Hearing Day - spread the word about taking care of your hearing and protecting it for a healthy future!
March 4
Take part in World Obesity Day and join the fight against obesity - get active, eat healthy, and spread awareness!
March 4
Show your support for HPV Awareness Day by learning more about the virus and its prevention methods - stay informed and help protect yourself!
March 5
Celebrate Multiple Personality Day by embracing all the unique sides of yourself and those around you!
March 6
Show your favorite dentist some love this National Dentist's Day! Give them a warm thank you for all their hard work and dedication.
March 10
Take action on World Kidney Day - join the fight to raise awareness and promote kidney health!
March 12
Join us in raising awareness and helping prevent vision loss from glaucoma!
March 20
Make World Oral Health Day count - brush your teeth twice a day, floss daily, and visit the dentist every 6 months for a healthy smile!
March 21
Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day with us and make a difference - join the fight for inclusion, acceptance, and equity for people of all abilities!
March 22
Brighten up your day with Daffodil Day! Show your support for a good cause while enjoying the beauty of nature with vibrant daffodils and spring flowers.
March 24
Join the fight against TB on World Tuberculosis Day - get involved in local campaigns, spread awareness and advocate for better treatments!
March 26
Show your support this Purple Day and join the fight against epilepsy - wear purple, share awareness, and donate to help create a better tomorrow!
March 28
Celebrate National Triglycerides Day by eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly to help keep your triglyceride levels healthy!
March 30
Get outside and celebrate Take a Walk in the Park Day! Enjoy nature, take a stroll, and don't forget to bring your furry friends along!
March 30
Take back your power and celebrate National I Am In Control Day! Learn how to take control of every aspect of your life and start living your best life!
March 30
Show your appreciation for the hardworking doctors in your life this Doctors' Day - send them a thank you card or words of gratitude!
March 30
Join us in recognizing World Bipolar Day - let's celebrate, spread awareness and reduce the stigma attached to mental health conditions!
April 1
Help bring awareness to Sexual Assault Awareness Month by educating yourself and others on the issue - let's make a difference together!
April 1
Take a break and make Stress Awareness Month count - practice self-care, take time for yourself, and find healthier ways to manage stress!
April 1
This Autism Acceptance Month, join us in helping to raise awareness and show support for those on the autism spectrum!
April 1
Join us in raising awareness during National Alcohol Awareness Month - get informed and take steps to support responsible drinking habits!
April 2
Let's come together to raise awareness and show our support for World Autism Awareness Day - join us in celebrating neurodiversity!
April 4
Celebrate National Vitamin C Day by adding citrus fruits to your diet! Enjoy a boost of immunity and health benefits with delicious oranges and lemons!
April 7
Join the global movement towards a healthier and happier life on World Health Day - start by taking small steps towards better health today!
April 16
Make sure your healthcare wishes are honored - take the time to learn more about National Healthcare Decisions Day and make your decisions today!
April 18
Get your body moving and join in on National Exercise Day - whether it's taking a walk, going for a jog, or doing some yoga, find your perfect fit!
April 18
Help spread awareness about Adult Autism this April 2nd by joining in on the conversation for Adult Autism Awareness Day!
April 24
Jump into the fun this National Skipping Day! Grab a rope and learn some new tricks, or race your friends to see who can jump the longest!
April 25
Join us in the fight against malaria on World Malaria Day - take action and help save lives!
April 25
Celebrate National DNA Day and explore the wonders of genetics with exciting activities, educational resources, and fun facts!
April 28
Join us in honoring World Day for Safety and Health at Work - promote workplace safety & health awareness to ensure a safe and healthy future!
April 30
Join us in raising awareness for Sarcoidosis this National Sarcoidosis Day - let's spread the word to help find a cure!
May 1
Today is Melanoma Monday - take the time to check yourself and your loved ones for any suspicious moles or skin changes!
May 1
Join us in raising awareness for Lupus during Lupus Awareness Month - help spread the word and support those affected by this difficult disease.
May 1
Celebrate Better Speech and Hearing Month by learning more about communication disorders, hearing loss prevention, and speech therapy treatments!
May 1
Take care of your mental health this month - join us as we raise awareness and support those struggling with mental illness.
May 1
Let's join together to raise awareness for ALS during ALS Awareness Month! Let's spread the word and help find a cure today!
May 1
Join in on Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month and help spread awareness, understanding, and support for those affected by the disorder.
May 1
Join us in celebrating National Infertility Survival Day - show your support, share stories of hope and strength, and spread awareness!
May 2
Get moving on National Fitness Day! Join the challenge and set your fitness goals to achieve a healthier lifestyle.
May 3
Find inner peace and tranquility on National Garden Meditation Day - relax in nature's beauty, take a deep breath, and enjoy the moment.
May 5
It's World Hand Hygiene Day! Make sure to wash your hands regularly and always promote good hygiene habits for a healthier tomorrow.
May 7
Honor National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day and spread the message of understanding, support, and care for our youth!
May 8
Take charge of your health - National Women's Checkup Day is the perfect opportunity to get checked out and make sure you're in tip-top shape!
May 8
Join the fight for a world without ovarian cancer on World Ovarian Cancer Day - show your support and raise awareness!
May 10
Celebrate National Lipid Day with healthy lifestyle choices and nutritious foods to help keep your cholesterol levels in check!
May 11
Experience the ultimate relaxation on National Foam Rolling Day - ease sore muscles and improve mobility with a few simple foam rolling techniques!
May 12
Show your support for National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day - join the fight to help raise awareness, combat stigma, and promote better treatments.
May 17
Show your support for World Hypertension Day by taking steps to reduce your risk of high blood pressure and live a healthier life!
May 18
Help spread awareness and join the fight against HIV on National HIV Vaccine Awareness Day - get informed, get tested, and show your support!
May 19
Show your support for National Barber Mental Health Awareness Day - learn more about mental health resources and help make a difference today!
May 21
Take a break this World Meditation Day and focus on calming your mind, body, and soul - enjoy the journey to inner peace!
May 24
Show your support for World Schizophrenia Awareness Day by helping to spread understanding and awareness of the condition!
May 27
Protect your skin and health on National Sunscreen Day - apply sunscreen regularly and stay safe in the sun!
May 29
Celebrate World Digestive Health Day with healthy recipes, tips and tricks to keep your gut happy - it's the best way to stay healthy!
May 30
Join us in raising awareness for Multiple Sclerosis on World MS Day - together we can make a difference!
May 31
Say goodbye to tobacco for good! Join the global community in celebrating World No Tobacco Day and make a commitment to leading a healthier lifestyle.
May 31
It's National Save Your Hearing Day - protect your hearing by wearing ear protection and turning down the volume on your devices!
June 1
Make this Professional Wellness Month count - invest in yourself with healthy habits, positive reflections, and mental clarity!
June 1
Join us in raising awareness for World Infertility Awareness Month - let's make a positive difference together!
June 1
June is National Men's Health Month - take the time to make your health a priority and take action to improve your physical, mental & spiritual wellbeing!
June 1
Join us this month to raise awareness for Alzheimer's and Brain Health - together we can make a difference!
June 2
Show your dentist some love on National I Love My Dentist Day - make an appointment, give them a call, or write a kind review to show your appreciation.
June 3
Celebrate World Bicycle Day and get on your bike - enjoy the outdoors, burn some calories, and have fun discovering new places!
June 4
Show your support for National SAFE Day and join the movement to promote safety, respect, and responsibility!
June 4
Celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day and honor the strength of all those who have fought cancer - you are an inspiration!
June 6
Grow your green thumb and get fit this National Gardening Exercise Day - head to the garden for some fresh air, sunshine, and relaxation!
June 7
Make the world a better place on World Caring Day! Show your kindness and support by volunteering, donating, or just spreading good vibes!
June 7
Join the running revolution this Global Running Day - lace up your shoes and get ready to hit the pavement!
June 13
Spread some light and positivity this Random Acts of Light Day - make someone's day brighter with a kind gesture or surprise!
June 13
Take charge of your health on National Call Your Doctor Day - make sure to book an appointment and get your regular check-up!
June 14
Give the gift of life this World Blood Donor Day - every donation has the power to save up to 3 lives!
June 17
Show your appreciation for Nursing Assistants Day - thank a nursing assistant today with kind words and gestures of gratitude!
June 19
Show your support on World Sickle Cell Awareness Day - help spread awareness and raise funds to fight against this debilitating disease!
June 23
Stay cool and hydrated this National Hydration Day - make sure to drink plenty of clean, fresh water throughout the day!