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National Endometriosis Awareness Week

Join us in raising awareness and supporting those affected by endometriosis during National Endometriosis Awareness Week. Together, we can make a difference!
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When it is?
March 4
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United States

Mark your calendars for National Endometriosis Awareness Week, which takes place from March 3-9 every year. This week is dedicated to raising awareness about endometriosis, a common but often misunderstood condition that affects the reproductive organs of women. Despite affecting an estimated 176 million women worldwide, endometriosis is still not widely talked about or understood. National Endometriosis Awareness Week aims to change that by providing accurate information and resources for those affected by this condition. So let's come together and spread awareness, support those living with endometriosis, and work towards finding better treatments and a cure!

History of National Endometriosis Awareness Week

National Endometriosis Awareness Week Dates

National Endometriosis Awareness Week Timeline

<div class='timeline-item'><div class='timeline-left'><div class='timeline-date-text'>1921</div></div><div class='timeline-center'></div><div class='timeline-right'><div class='timeline-text timeline-text-title'>Endometriosis Discovery</div><div class='timeline-text'>Dr. John Sampson defines endometriosis, a painful disorder in women where tissue similar to the lining inside the uterus starts to grow outside it.</div></div></div><div class='timeline-item'><div class='timeline-left'><div class='timeline-date-text'>1950s</div></div><div class='timeline-center'></div><div class='timeline-right'><div class='timeline-text timeline-text-title'>Surgical Advancements</div><div class='timeline-text'>Surgical procedures for endometriosis become more sophisticated and effective, making treatment more accessible for women suffering from the condition.</div></div></div><div class='timeline-item'><div class='timeline-left'><div class='timeline-date-text'>1980s</div></div><div class='timeline-center'></div><div class='timeline-right'><div class='timeline-text timeline-text-title'>Increasing Awareness</div><div class='timeline-text'>Awareness and understanding of endometriosis starts to grow in the medical community and society at large, leading to improved diagnosis and education.</div></div></div><div class='timeline-item'><div class='timeline-left'><div class='timeline-date-text'>1997</div></div><div class='timeline-center'></div><div class='timeline-right'><div class='timeline-text timeline-text-title'>Endometriosis Association Founding</div><div class='timeline-text'>The Endometriosis Association is founded to provide information and support for women with endometriosis.</div></div></div><div class='timeline-item'><div class='timeline-left'><div class='timeline-date-text'>2002</div></div><div class='timeline-center'></div><div class='timeline-right'><div class='timeline-text timeline-text-title'>First Endometriosis Awareness Week</div><div class='timeline-text'>The first National Endometriosis Awareness Week is organized to highlight the condition and encourage discussions on medical improvements and the need for a cure.</div></div></div>

How to Celebrate National Endometriosis Awareness Week

<div id='' class='facts-item'><div id='' class='facts-header'><h3 id='' class='facts-number'>1</h3></div><div id='' class='facts-text-wrapper'><h3 id='' class='facts-title'>Organize a fundraising event</h3><p id='' class='facts-text'>Gather friends, family, and community members to host a fundraising event to raise awareness and funds for endometriosis research and support. This could be a charity walk, bake sale, or any other creative idea you come up with.</p></div></div><div id='' class='facts-item'><div id='' class='facts-header'><h3 id='' class='facts-number'>2</h3></div><div id='' class='facts-text-wrapper'><h3 id='' class='facts-title'>Wear yellow</h3><p id='' class='facts-text'>Yellow is the color associated with endometriosis awareness, so wear it proudly during National Endometriosis Awareness Week. This can spark conversations and help spread awareness about the condition.</p></div></div><div id='' class='facts-item'><div id='' class='facts-header'><h3 id='' class='facts-number'>3</h3></div><div id='' class='facts-text-wrapper'><h3 id='' class='facts-title'>Share your story</h3><p id='' class='facts-text'>Use social media to share your experience with endometriosis and how it has impacted your life. This can help educate others about the condition and provide support for those who may be struggling with it.</p></div></div><div id='' class='facts-item'><div id='' class='facts-header'><h3 id='' class='facts-number'>4</h3></div><div id='' class='facts-text-wrapper'><h3 id='' class='facts-title'>Host a movie night</h3><p id='' class='facts-text'>Invite friends over for a movie night featuring films that raise awareness about endometriosis. This is a fun and relaxing way to spread important information about the condition.</p></div></div><div id='' class='facts-item'><div id='' class='facts-header'><h3 id='' class='facts-number'>5</h3></div><div id='' class='facts-text-wrapper'><h3 id='' class='facts-title'>Join a support group</h3><p id='' class='facts-text'>Connect with others who are living with endometriosis by joining a local or online support group. This can provide a sense of community and understanding during National Endometriosis Awareness Week and beyond.</p></div></div>

Why National Endometriosis Awareness Week is Important

<div id='' class='whywelove-item'><div id='' class='whywelove-letter-cont'><div class='whywelove-letter'>A</div></div><div id='why-we-love-main-cont'><h3 id='' class='whywelove-title'>It raises awareness about a common but misunderstood condition</h3><p id='' class='whywelove-text'>Endometriosis affects an estimated 1 in 10 people who have periods, yet it is often misdiagnosed or not taken seriously. National Endometriosis Awareness Week helps educate the public and healthcare professionals about this condition, increasing understanding and support for those living with it.</p></div></div><div id='' class='whywelove-item'><div id='' class='whywelove-letter-cont'><div class='whywelove-letter'>B</div></div><div id='why-we-love-main-cont'><h3 id='' class='whywelove-title'>It provides support for individuals living with endometriosis</h3><p id='' class='whywelove-text'>During this week, there are often events and activities that bring together people with endometriosis to provide support and share experiences. This can be incredibly powerful and validating for those living with the condition, reminding them that they are not alone.</p></div></div><div id='' class='whywelove-item'><div id='' class='whywelove-letter-cont'><div class='whywelove-letter'>C</div></div><div id='why-we-love-main-cont'><h3 id='' class='whywelove-title'>It advocates for better access to care and treatment options</h3><p id='' class='whywelove-text'>Endometriosis can be a debilitating condition, causing chronic pain and other symptoms that greatly impact quality of life. National Endometriosis Awareness Week brings attention to the need for better access to care, more research, and treatment options for those living with this condition.</p></div></div>

5 Eyebrow-Raising Facts for Endometriosis Awareness Week

<div class='facts-item'><div class='facts-number-wrapper'><p class='facts-number'>1</p></div><div class='facts-core-content'><h3 class='facts-title'>Endometriosis Can Lead to Infertility</h3><p class='facts-content'>Endometriosis affects the reproductive health of women, and it's estimated that up to 50% of women suffering from it may experience difficulties with getting pregnant.</p></div></div><div class='facts-item'><div class='facts-number-wrapper'><p class='facts-number'>2</p></div><div class='facts-core-content'><h3 class='facts-title'>There's No Known Cure for Endometriosis</h3><p class='facts-content'>While treatments to manage symptoms and improve quality of life exist, there's currently no known complete cure for endometriosis, emphasizing the importance of ongoing research and awareness.</p></div></div><div class='facts-item'><div class='facts-number-wrapper'><p class='facts-number'>3</p></div><div class='facts-core-content'><h3 class='facts-title'>Endometriosis often Takes a Decade to Diagnose</h3><p class='facts-content'>Due to its non-specific symptoms and lack of awareness, endometriosis diagnosis can take on average 7-10 years from the onset of symptoms, highlighting the need for greater understanding of this condition.</p></div></div><div class='facts-item'><div class='facts-number-wrapper'><p class='facts-number'>4</p></div><div class='facts-core-content'><h3 class='facts-title'>Endometriosis Costs the U.S. Economy Billions Annually</h3><p class='facts-content'>The direct and indirect costs associated with endometriosis, including healthcare expenses and loss of productivity, is estimated to be over $78 billion per year in the U.S.</p></div></div><div class='facts-item'><div class='facts-number-wrapper'><p class='facts-number'>5</p></div><div class='facts-core-content'><h3 class='facts-title'>Endometriosis Affects Adolescents Too</h3><p class='facts-content'>Though commonly diagnosed in women in their 30s and 40s, symptoms of endometriosis can begin in adolescence. Early diagnosis is key to managing this chronic and painful condition.</p></div></div>

National Endometriosis Awareness Week FAQs

When is National Endometriosis Awareness Week?

National Endometriosis Awareness Week is celebrated on March 4 every year. In 2024, it will fall on a Monday.

National Endometriosis Awareness Week Dates



Mar 4



Mar 4



Mar 4



Mar 4



Mar 4


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