Fun Holidays

January 1
Brave the chill and take the plunge! Join in the fun of Polar Bear Plunge Day and experience a wild and daring adventure!
January 2
Kick off the week with some appreciation and positivity - join us in celebrating National Thank God Its Monday Day!
January 7
Let it all out! Celebrate National Pass Gas Day with your friends, family, and co-workers - the funniest fart stories guaranteed!
January 8
Make Show and Tell At Work Day more fun - share something meaningful, inspiring, and creative to inspire your colleagues!
January 16
Celebrate National Nothing Day by taking a break from your routine and indulging in some rest and relaxation!
January 23
National Handwriting Day is a day to remember the importance of writing things down - grab a pen and paper and cherish those special moments!
January 28
Celebrate National Lego Day with the ultimate building experience - create something amazing with your imagination and a few bricks!
January 31
Celebrate National Backward Day with a twist - wear your clothes backward, walk backwards, and have a blast!
February 8
Take flight to new heights and celebrate National Kite-Flying Day with colorful kites, windswept skies, and plenty of fun!
February 13
Celebrate Get a Different Name Day by exploring new identities and giving yourselve a one-of-a-kind name that expresses who you really are!
February 15
Make sure you show your love for Squidward this Annoy Squidward Day with hilarious memes, hilarious pranks, and more!
February 20
Get cozy and celebrate National Comfy Day with your favorite comfort food, a movie marathon, and lots of snuggles!
February 20
Celebrate Hoodie Hoo Day with a loud and proud shout of "Hoodie-Hoo!" - make some noise and spread the joy!
February 23
Get ready to serve up some fun! Celebrate Play Tennis Day with friends, family and a friendly match on the court.
February 28
Take a break from your busy life and enjoy National Public Sleeping Day - it's the perfect excuse to take a nap in a public spot!
March 1
Celebrate National Pig Day this year with a pig-themed party! Invite your friends, and enjoy activities, food, drinks, and more fun honoring pigs!
March 7
It's Sock Monkey Day - time to get creative and make your own cuddly sock monkey friend!
March 10
Be awesome and join the world in celebrating International Day of Awesomeness - show off your unique talents and share your awesomeness with everyone!
March 16
Take a break from selfies and embrace the moment with your friends and family on No Selfies Day! Enjoy experiences, not pictures.
March 16
Everything you do is right - celebrate this special day with your loved ones and show them how much they mean to you!
March 18
Show your appreciation for transit drivers this Transit Driver Appreciation Day - thank them with a smile and kind words!
March 19
Laugh it up and make the most of National Let's Laugh Day! Get together with friends, watch your favorite comedy show, or just share a good joke.
March 26
Celebrate Make Up Your Own Holiday Day - create your own special celebration and share it with friends & family to make the day extra special!
March 29
Unlock the mystery of National Smoke and Mirrors Day - explore illusions, tricks, and other wonders to surprise yourself!
March 31
Get ready for National Prom Day! Put on your best dress, style your hair, and get ready to dance the night away with your friends!
April 1
Take a break and make the most of National Fun Day - indulge in some outdoor activities, go on an adventure, or just relax with family and friends!
April 3
Celebrate National Find a Rainbow Day by taking some time to appreciate the beauty of nature and enjoy the colors of the rainbow!
April 3
Celebrate World Party Day with friends and family - get your party hats on and let the festivities begin!
April 9
Name yourself on National Name Yourself Day - choose a new identity, find your true self and uncover the possibilities of life!
April 13
Celebrate National Scrabble Day with your friends and family - challenge each other to a friendly game and find out who has the best word skills!
April 14
Spread joy and laughter this International Moment of Laughter Day with funny jokes, stories, and silly antics - it's guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!
April 17
Celebrate International Haiku Poetry Day - explore the beauty and depth of haikus with your friends, family, and loved ones!
April 23
Make the most of National Take a Chance Day - seize the opportunity to try something new and make your dreams come true!
April 26
Embrace your natural beauty this National No Makeup Day - ditch the makeup and show off your gorgeous face!
May 2
Celebrate the special bond of siblings on Brothers and Sisters Day - show your love with a heartfelt message, shared memories, and cherished moments!
May 3
Mix up your style and be wild - National Two Different Colored Shoes Day is the perfect opportunity to show off your unique fashion sense!
May 3
Make your home cozier than ever on National Lumpy Rug Day - get a new rug and add extra comfort to any room!
May 5
Ready to get wild? Join in on the fun for No Pants Day and show off your silly side with a unique pantless look!
May 8
Celebrate National Maria Day by honoring the inspiring women in your life - give them a shoutout, thank them for their support, and make them feel special!
May 9
Make the most of National Sleepover Day with your besties! Snack on yummy treats, watch movies, and create unforgettable memories.
May 9
Don't worry about missing socks anymore - celebrate National Lost Sock Memorial Day and commemorate all your lost single socks!
May 13
Putt your way to fun this National Miniature Golf Day - gather your friends and family for a mini golf tournament!
May 13
Rev up your engines and get ready to fly – it's Top Gun Day! Celebrate with the classic movie, quotes, and fun activities.
May 14
On National Dance Like a Chicken Day, forget your worries and shake those tail feathers! Have fun with friends and family, and get grooving!
May 19
Celebrate National May Ray Day with sunshine, good vibes, and lots of fun - make the most of this special day!
May 29
Make your fridge festive for Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day - add some color and pizzaz to your kitchen with fun pillow designs!
May 31
Smile and spread sunshine on National Smile Day - share your smile with friends, family, and strangers to make the world a brighter place!
June 1
Kick off your shoes and join in National Go Barefoot Day - feel the grass between your toes and enjoy a day of freedom!
June 2
Make the most of National Leave the Office Early Day - ditch work early and spend some quality time with your friends and family!
June 18
Make lasting memories this International Picnic Day - gather your friends, pack a picnic basket, and enjoy some quality time together outdoors!
June 19
Celebrate National Garfield the Cat Day with your furry feline friend! Treat them to extra cuddles, treats, and a special toy for the day.
June 21
Take part in the global celebration of music on World Day of Music - tune into your favorite songs and show off your musical talents!
June 23
Celebrate National Pink Day with joy and creativity! Get inspired by the many shades of pink - from soft pastels to vibrant fuchsias!
June 25
Feeling festive? Celebrate National Leon Day - the halfway point to Christmas - with decorations, treats, and holiday cheer!
June 26
Celebrate National Sarah Day with your favorite Sarah - make them feel special with a heartfelt message and a gift to show how much you care!
June 27
Ready to get lucky? Celebrate National Bingo Day with your friends and family for a fun night of prizes, snacks, and laughs!
July 5
Take a break from your workaholic ways on National Workaholics Day - take some time to relax and enjoy yourself!
July 10
Gather up your favorite teddy bears and get ready for the most fun picnic ever - it's Teddy Bear Picnic Day!
July 13
Show your appreciation for gruntled workers this Gruntled Workers Day with a special thank you and recognition of their hard work and dedication!
July 15
Embrace your inner dork on National Be A Dork Day - let loose, have fun, and show the world your unique personality!
July 18
Celebrate National Emma Day with a special tribute - send your best wishes and show your appreciation for someone special!
July 19
Celebrate Stick Out Your Tongue Day with silly selfies and funny poses - let's make it a day to remember!
July 25
Let's get creative and celebrate National Thread the Needle Day with amazing quilting, embroidery, and sewing projects!
July 25
Take a spin on National Merry Go Round Day - enjoy the fun of childhood memories, laughter, and sweet melodies!
July 26
Today is National All or Nothing Day! Get out there and take a risk - you never know where it might lead you.
August 3
Celebrate National Big Forehead Day with pride! Show off your unique forehead and join the movement of self-acceptance and appreciation.
August 4
Celebrate National Water Balloon Day with friends and family - have a splashing good time and make lasting summer memories!
August 6
Celebrate National Wiggle Your Toes Day by getting out and enjoying some fun activities - dancing, yoga, swimming, and more!
August 10
Take a break and enjoy National Lazy Day - kick back, relax, and don't worry about all the tasks you need to do!
August 13
Celebrate National Prosecco Day with a refreshing glass of bubbly - cheers to good times and great memories!
August 13
Celebrate International Lefthanders Day and show your support for lefties everywhere - join us in recognizing the special gifts they bring to the world!
August 15
Don't miss out on the special No SpongeBob Day party - join all your friends in Bikini Bottom for a fun-filled secret celebration!
August 16
Get your adrenaline pumping and celebrate National Roller Coaster Day with thrilling rides, amazing views, and delicious snacks!
August 21
Make National Brazilian Blowout Day a special one - pamper yourself and get that perfect smooth, shiny look you have been dreaming of!
August 23
Book your dream holiday now! Cheap Flight Day is the perfect time to explore new destinations without breaking the bank.
August 27
Celebrate International Lottery Day with a chance to win big! Play today and get ready for the ultimate jackpot!
September 3
Get ready for a fun day of grilling and games - it's National Tailgating Day! Gather your friends, fire up the grill, and get ready to cheer on your favorite team!
September 6
Join the Global Talent Acquisition Day movement and connect with the best talent from around the world for your business success!
September 13
Embrace your baldness and rock it with pride on National Bald is Beautiful Day! Celebrate yourself and be confident in who you are.
September 14
Show your school spirit and make memories with your friends on National School Pictures Day - capture the moment in a special snapshot!
September 17
Celebrate Smithsonian Day with a virtual tour of the world-renowned museums and collections - explore history, science, art, and culture from the comfort of your home!
September 22
Rock National Legwear Day with the hottest trends - stock up on your favorite socks, leggings and tights for a stylish wardrobe!
September 23
Celebrate National Baker Day with homemade goodies - whip up your favorite recipes and share the joy of baking with friends and family!
September 28
Put your curiosity to the test and ask a stupid question on National Ask A Stupid Question Day - you never know what answers you may find!
October 1
Pamper yourself this National Hair Day with a new look - indulge in luxurious haircuts, treatments, and styles to make you feel your best!
October 2
Celebrate National Name Your Car Day with a fun and creative name - your ride will love it! Get ready to hit the road with your newest companion.
October 5
Show your favorite wrestler some love on National Kiss a Wrestler Day! Make it an extra special day with hugs, kisses and words of encouragement.
October 5
Let loose and get funky on National Get Funky Day - time to bust out your best dance moves and have a blast!
October 5
Spread kindness and positivity on National Be Nice Day - a simple smile or kind word can make someone’s day!
October 6
Show your appreciation on National Coaches Day - thank all the amazing coaches in your life for their dedication and support!
October 6
Put on your best hat and join in the fun of National Mad Hatter Day - it's a day for embracing creativity, eccentricity and imagination!
October 11
Don't forget to bring your favorite teddy bear to school on National Bring Your Teddy Bear To School Day - make it a fun and cuddly day for all!
October 13
Give your son the gift of financial security on National Transfer Money to Your Son Day - transfer money and help him get ahead!
October 13
It's Treat Yo' Self Day! Spoil yourself with a day of pampering, shopping, and indulging in all the best things life has to offer!
October 14
Embrace your baldness and freedom on Be Bald and Be Free Day - no more worries about haircuts or styling, just enjoy the way you are!
October 15
Capture the magic of World Toy Camera Day with vintage photos and creative camera techniques - it's a day to get creative!
October 15
Join in on the fun and celebrate National I Love Lucy Day with your favorite episodes, quotes, and trivia!
October 15
Let your inner grouch shine on National Grouch Day - grumble, complain and be a little grumpy just for the day!
October 17
Make today a day of second chances - it's National Mulligan Day! Take the opportunity to make things right and seize the day!
October 18
Celebrate National No Beard Day by shaving off your beard and showing off that smooth, clean-shaven face!