Animal Holidays

January 2
Ring in the Mew Year for Cats with fun activities and treats - it's sure to be a purrfectly happy holiday!
January 5
Fly high and celebrate National Bird Day - be sure to join us in protecting our feathered friends and their habitats!
January 8
Get cozy with a chicken this National Snuggle a Chicken Day! Spend time with your feathered friend and show them some love.
January 10
Show your support for National Save The Eagles Day - join us in the fight to protect our beloved birds of prey!
January 14
Dress up your furry friend and make National Dress Up Your Pet Day extra special - share photos of their cutest look on social media!
January 20
Celebrate National Penguin Day with a virtual visit to the Antarctic and learn all about these adorable and fascinating creatures!
January 21
Celebrate National Squirrel Appreciation Day with a special treat for your backyard friends - show them some love and appreciation!
January 22
On National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day, it's time to show your feline companion just how much you care - answer all their questions with love!
February 1
Make sure your pet stays healthy this month - give them the best dental care during Pet Dental Health Month!
February 2
Go quill-to-quill with your spiky friends on National Hedgehog Day! Get to know these adorable critters and learn how to protect them.
February 3
Bring your pup to Doggy Date Night for an evening of fun! Enjoy activities, delicious snacks, and meet other furry friends!
February 3
Celebrate National Golden Retriever Day with a pup-friendly party! Get ready for lots of cuddles, playtime, and tail-wagging fun!
February 22
Show your pup some extra love on National Walking the Dog Day - take them for a walk, give them treats, and make sure they get plenty of cuddles!
February 23
Celebrate National Dog Biscuit Day with your furry friend - whip up some homemade treats or buy them a special surprise!
March 3
On National If Pets Had Thumbs Day, imagine the fun and mischief your furry friend would get up to if they could use their paws like thumbs!
March 13
Show your appreciation on National K9 Veterans Day - honor the brave service of our four-legged heroes with a donation to an animal rescue charity!
March 14
Celebrate National Learn About Butterflies Day and explore the beauty of these magical creatures - learn about their life cycles, food sources, and habitats!
March 14
Celebrate National Save a Spider Day by learning more about these amazing creatures and helping to protect their habitats!
March 16
Celebrate National Panda Day with some fuzzy, fun-loving friends! Get to know these adorable animals and learn about their conservation efforts.
March 20
Hop on over to World Frog Day for exciting activities, facts, and resources that'll help you celebrate these amazing amphibians!
March 23
Make your day a bit more furry and fun - celebrate National Puppy Day with lots of puppy love and cuddles!
March 23
Join in the fun on World Bear Day - spread awareness and celebrate the amazing species of bears with activities, crafts, and more!
March 23
It's National Chinchilla Day! Show your furry friend some love with a special treat and lots of cuddles - they deserve it!
March 28
Show your furry feline some love on Respect Your Cat Day - give them extra treats, a cozy spot to nap, and plenty of cuddles!
April 2
Celebrate National Ferret Day with your furry companion - get ready for lots of cuddles, playtime, and fun!
April 6
Celebrate National Siamese Cat Day with your feline friends! Show them how much you love them with treats, cuddles, and lots of purrs!
April 8
Get ready to explore and discover wildlife on National Zoo Lovers Day! Visit your local zoo or animal sanctuary to learn about amazing species.
April 9
Unleash your inner magic and sparkle on National Unicorn Day - grab a sprinkle-filled treat, dress up in your favorite unicorn costume, and let the fun begin!
April 10
Celebrate National Farm Animals Day by learning about the importance of these animals in our lives and how we can better protect them!
April 10
Give your pup a big, loving squeeze on National Hug Your Dog Day - they deserve it! Show them some extra love with treats and toys too.
April 11
Celebrate National Pet Day by showing extra love and care to your furry friends! Play a game, bake them treats, or just snuggle up and enjoy the day.
April 12
Celebrate Hamster Day with your furry friend! Make it extra special by spoiling them with treats, toys, and lots of love!
April 14
Make a splash this National Dolphin Day! Join us for an ocean-side celebration of these amazing creatures and learn more about their conservation.
April 17
Fly high with International Bat Appreciation Day! Show your support for these amazing creatures by learning more about them and their habitats.
April 21
Show your pup some love on National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day - give them extra cuddles, treats, and a special day out with you!
April 23
Help lost dogs find their way home this National Lost Dogs Awareness Day - spread the word and join in on local events to make a difference!
April 25
It's World Penguin Day! Show your appreciation for these amazing creatures by learning more about them and supporting their conservation efforts.
April 26
Show your love for horses on National Help A Horse Day - donate, volunteer, or take action to help protect and care for these majestic animals!
April 26
Make National Kids and Pets Day special for your family - bring home a furry friend, go on an adventure, or just snuggle up for some quality time!
April 30
Show your love and support this National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day - make a difference to an animal in need by adopting a pet today!
May 1
Show your furry friends some extra love this National Pet Month - dedicate the month to spoiling them with special treats, toys, and cuddles!
May 3
Don't miss out on International Wild Koala Day - join us in protecting koalas and their habitats for a better future!
May 4
Celebrate International Respect for Chickens Day by showing your appreciation and understanding of these feathered friends!
May 8
Celebrate World Donkey Day with a special treat for your furry friend - show them some extra love and care!
May 13
Get jumping! Celebrate National Frog Jumping Day with fun activities, games, and prizes to make your day extra special!
May 13
Pamper your pup and yourself on National Dog Mom's Day! Spend quality time with your furry bestie and enjoy some special treats.
May 14
Show your Chihuahua some extra love on International Chihuahua Appreciation Day with a special treat, toy, or walk in the park!
May 16
Make a splash this National Sea Monkey Day! Get your own pet sea monkeys and have fun watching them explore their new home.
May 20
Show your love for our furry friends this National Rescue Dog Day - adopt, donate, or volunteer with a local rescue organization today!
May 20
Join us in celebrating World Bee Day - learn about the importance of bees and what you can do to help protect them!
May 23
Celebrate World Turtle Day and help protect these incredible creatures - learn more about their habitats and join conservation efforts today!
May 29
Slither into National Snail Day with some fun activities, recipes, and stories to celebrate the slow-moving mollusks!
May 29
It's National Alligator Day! Get ready to appreciate these impressive reptiles with fun facts, activities, and more!
May 31
Let's celebrate the beauty of parrots on World Parrot Day - share pictures and stories of your feathered friends to spread awareness!
June 3
Celebrate National Black Bear Day by learning about these majestic animals and their habitats - join us in supporting conservation efforts!
June 4
Show your feline friend some love on National Hug Your Cat Day - give them extra cuddles, treats, and bear hugs!
June 4
Woof it up this International Corgi Day! Share your love for the happiest dog breed with fun activities and corgi-themed surprises!
June 15
Explore the mysteries of the deep on National Megalodon Day - uncover fascinating facts, watch documentaries, and more!
June 16
Join us in celebrating World Sea Turtle Day and learn how you can help protect these majestic creatures!
June 19
Make National Take Your Cat to Work Day extra special - treat your furry friend to a day of purrs and cuddles!
June 20
Celebrate the unique beauty of all pooches on Ugliest Dog Day - show your pup some extra love and appreciation with treats, toys, and cuddles!
June 20
Celebrate Bald Eagle Appreciation Day by appreciating their majestic beauty and learning more about this national symbol of the United States!
June 21
Celebrate World Giraffe Day with us - learn about the tallest mammal in the world, and help us protect them for future generations!
June 25
Celebrate National Catfish Day by cooking up a delicious meal - try out our favorite recipes and enjoy the flavorful taste of fried fish!
July 1
Make some animal friends and join the fun on American Zoo Day - head to your local zoo for a day full of educational experiences and amazing wildlife!
July 10
Celebrate National Kitten Day with love and joy - adopt a kitten today and give them the best home they deserve!
July 11
Head over to Chick-Fil-A on Cow Appreciation Day and get free food when you dress up as a cow!
July 14
Join us in celebrating Shark Awareness Day and help raise awareness of the threats facing sharks and how you can help protect them!
July 15
Be prepared for the unexpected - keep your furry friends safe with fire safety tips and tricks on National Pet Fire Safety Day!
July 15
Saddle up and celebrate National I Love Horses Day - take a ride, learn some new skills, or just show your love for these amazing animals!
July 16
Slither into World Snake Day and discover the amazing world of these incredible creatures - learn more about their habitats, behaviors, and diets!
July 16
Celebrate Guinea Pig Appreciation Day by showing your little pal some extra love - cuddle up, give treats, and make sure they have plenty of playtime!
July 19
Bee part of the buzz on National Urban Beekeeping Day - explore local hives, learn about bee conservation, and join in the sweet celebration!
July 21
It's Take a Monkey to Lunch Day - why not try something new and take your furry friend out for an unforgettable lunch adventure?
July 29
Roar for wildlife conservation on International Tiger Day! Join us in our mission to protect and preserve tigers and their habitats around the world.
July 31
Celebrate National Mutt Day by adopting a furry friend! Give a rescue pup the loving home they deserve and experience unconditional love.
August 5
Today is Work Like a Dog Day! Get motivated and tackle that to-do list with the same energy your pup has when chasing after a Frisbee!
August 7
Unleash your inner sea serpent and join the celebration on National Sea Serpent Day - explore mermaid tails, ocean-themed activities, and more!
August 8
Show your feline friends some love on International Cat Day - spoil them with treats, cuddles, and toys for a purrrfectly happy celebration!
August 10
Pamper your pup this National Spoil Your Dog Day with special treats, toys, and activities - they deserve it!
August 10
Show your support and roar for World Lion Day! Join us in helping protect the majestic lion species from extinction.
August 12
Join us in honoring the majestic elephants this World Elephant Day - let's spread awareness and do our part to protect these gentle giants!
August 14
Celebrate World Lizard Day by learning more about these fascinating creatures - check out our fun activities and educational resources!
August 17
Celebrate National Black Cat Appreciation Day by showing your dark furred feline friend some extra love and attention!
August 19
Celebrate World Honey Bee Day by helping to protect these essential pollinators - plant bee-friendly plants, avoid pesticides, and support local beekeepers!
August 19
Show your support on International Homeless Animals Day - adopt, donate, or volunteer to make a difference in the lives of animals in need!
August 19
Celebrate International Orangutan Day and join us in supporting the conservation of these amazing creatures!
August 22
Show your cat some extra love this National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day - keep them healthy and happy with regular check-ups and preventive care!
August 23
Honor International Blind Dog Day and celebrate the unique bond between a blind pup and their human - show them extra love today!
August 26
Show your pup some extra love on National Dog Day - take them to the park, spoil them with treats, and give them lots of cuddles!
August 28
Honor your beloved pet on Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day - share memories, stories, and photos to celebrate their life and legacy.
August 30
Show your furry friends some love this National Holistic Pet Day - give them a massage, organic treats, and lots of cuddles!
August 31
Get out and explore the wild side of life! Celebrate National Zoo Awareness Day by visiting your local zoo and learning about animal conservation.
September 2
Celebrate National Hummingbird Day with a visit to your local park - watch these beautiful birds flutter around and enjoy the sights!
September 4
Celebrate National Wildlife Day with us! Join us in taking action to protect the planet and its wildlife, and make a difference in their future.
September 8
Show your support for National Iguana Awareness Day - learn about their important role in the environment and help protect these amazing creatures!
September 10
Honor your beloved pet this National Pet Memorial Day with a special tribute to remember them forever!
September 10
Show your pup some love this Hug Your Hound Day with extra cuddles, treats, and fun activities to make their day special!
September 16
Show your pup some love on Responsible Dog Ownership Day! Participate in fun activities and help create a bond between you and your furry friend.
September 16
Join us in raising awareness for Puppy Mill Awareness Day and help put an end to the cruel puppy mill industry!