Relationship Holidays

January 1
Gather your family together for Global Family Day and enjoy quality time with each other, creating memories that will last a lifetime!
January 6
Wrap yourself up in a warm blanket and enjoy National Cuddle Up Day with your loved ones - it's the perfect day for hugs, snuggles, and some quality time!
January 8
Gather the family and break bread together - National Sunday Supper Day is here! Enjoy delicious dishes, quality time, and timeless memories.
January 11
Show the special boys in your life some love - National Girl Hug Boy Day is here! Spend time together, give hugs, and create lasting memories.
January 21
Spread warmth and love this National Hugging Day - share hugs with your loved ones to show how much you care!
January 24
Spread positivity and boost self-confidence - celebrate National Compliment Day with your friends, family, and colleagues!
January 26
Show your spouse some extra love this National Spouses Day - surprise them with a romantic dinner, thoughtful gift, or just a heartfelt hug.
February 1
Make your mark on International Friendship Month with meaningful connections and special moments - it's the perfect time to show your friends how much you care!
February 11
Make new friends and celebrate National Make a Friend Day! Connect with others, share stories, and create lasting memories.
February 12
Celebrate National Freedom to Marry Day! Join us in recognizing the freedom to marry for all couples, and show your support for marriage equality.
February 13
Gather your gal pals and celebrate Galentine's Day - it's the perfect time to show your friends how much you appreciate them!
February 14
Spread the love this Valentine's Day and show your special someone just how much you care! Let's make it a day to remember.
February 15
Show yourself some love on Singles Awareness Day! Pamper yourself with a spa day, indulge in a favorite treat, or take a day off to do something you love.
February 21
It's National Breakup Day - treat yourself to a relaxing spa day, catch up with friends, and take time to heal your broken heart!
March 1
Get ready to plan the wedding of your dreams - National Wedding Planning Day is here! Explore ideas, trends, and tips to make your special day perfect.
March 1
Make someone's day special on World Compliment Day - pay them a heartfelt compliment and put a smile on their face!
March 3
Make someone's day special by celebrating National I Want You to Be Happy Day - treat them to a surprise or take the time to show your appreciation!
March 18
Show your parents some love and appreciation this Forgive Mom and Dad Day - reconnect with them and make memories that will last a lifetime!
March 20
Make Kiss Your Fiance Day extra special - treat them to a romantic dinner, exchange heartfelt gifts, and top it all off with a passionate kiss!
March 20
Make your proposal extra special this National Proposal Day - capture the moment with a thoughtful gift, romantic setting, and unforgettable memories!
March 21
Show your appreciation for single parents this National Single Parent Day - give them a break, some love, and support them in any way you can!
April 10
Celebrate National Siblings Day with your brothers and sisters - it's time to create some special memories and show them how much you care!
April 14
Celebrate National Ex-Spouse Day by reflecting on the good times and appreciating the lessons learned. Wishing you peace and understanding!
April 15
Show your hubby some love on Husband Appreciation Day - plan a romantic evening, give him an unexpected gift, or just spend time together!
April 23
Celebrate National Lover's Day with your special someone! Give them tokens of love, share romantic moments and create memories to last a lifetime.
April 27
Encourage your kids to explore their future career paths on Take Our Kids To Work Day - let them experience the world of work firsthand!
April 30
Honesty Day is the perfect opportunity to be open and honest with your loved ones - show them how much you care!
May 14
Make National Decency Day special this year - express kindness, show respect and be compassionate to all those around you!
May 14
Show your Mom some love this Mother's Day - make her breakfast in bed, give her a gift, or just spend quality time together!
May 15
Celebrate International Family Day with your loved ones - create memories and enjoy quality time together for a truly special day.
May 16
Spread the love this National Do Something Good for Your Neighbor Day - make someone's day with a kind gesture or surprise!
May 16
Honor our LGBT Elders this National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day - show your appreciation and support with kindness, respect, and love!
May 18
Reconnect with the family this National Visit Your Relatives Day - schedule some time to catch up, have fun and create new memories!
May 24
Celebrate National Brother's Day with your sibling - create special memories and show them how much you appreciate them!
June 1
Make someone's day special by joining in on National Say Something Nice Day - spread a little kindness and share something positive!
June 1
Connect with friends near and far on Pen Pal Day! Share stories, exchange letters, and make lifelong connections through the joy of snail mail!
June 1
Show your parents love and appreciation this Global Day of Parents with heartfelt messages, thoughtful gestures, and quality time together!
June 3
Spread the message of love and kindness on Love Conquers All Day - show someone you care and make their day special!
June 8
Celebrate National Best Friends Day with the one who's always been there for you - share laughs, memories, and meaningful moments with your BFF!
June 9
Make National Sex Day extra special with a romantic night in - light some candles, break out the massage oil, and get ready to explore!
June 10
Show your bae how much you love them on National Bae Day with thoughtful gestures, special surprises, and romantic acts of affection!
June 11
Celebrate National Making Life Beautiful Day by taking time out to enjoy the little things - a sunset walk, your favorite music, and more!
June 12
Celebrate National Loving Day by showing your appreciation to those who bring love and joy into your life - family, friends, and significant others!
June 18
Celebrate your Dad this Father's Day with special gifts and activities that show him how much he means to you!
June 22
Celebrate National Kissing Day with some extra love - share sweet kisses and special moments with your partner!
June 24
Celebrate National Relationship Equity Day with your partner and make sure you both get the appreciation, love, and respect you deserve!
July 1
Make Social Wellness Month your time to connect, reflect, and nurture relationships - it's the perfect opportunity to prioritize your mental health!
July 1
Celebrate International Day of Cooperatives and support local businesses - shop small, think big!
July 3
Celebrate National Compliment Your Mirror Day and give yourself a boost of confidence - be kind to yourself and love the person you see in the mirror!
July 4
Take some time to appreciate the invisible things in life on Invisible Day - think about your values, beliefs, and relationships that make you who you are!
July 6
Make International Kissing Day extra special - surprise your loved one with a kiss they won't forget!
July 7
Let go of grudges and forgive on Global Forgiveness Day - build stronger relationships with family, friends, and yourself!
July 7
Today is Tell the Truth Day - let's be honest and open with each other, creating a stronger bond of trust in our relationships.
July 7
Reconnect and show your appreciation for Dad this National Father Daughter Take a Walk Day - take a stroll together to create lasting memories!
July 18
Make Perfect Family Day one to remember with fun activities, delicious meals, and lasting memories!
July 23
Grandmas are the best! Celebrate National Gorgeous Grandma Day by showing your favorite grandma some extra love and appreciation.
July 23
Honor your parents this National Parents' Day with heartfelt words and thoughtful gestures - they deserve all the love!
July 24
Show your cousins some love on National Cousins Day - plan a picnic, have a movie night, or take a fun road trip!
July 25
Celebrate World IVF Day and join the movement to raise awareness of infertility struggles - together we can make a difference!
July 26
Give your aunt and uncle a big hug! Show them your appreciation on National Aunt and Uncle Day with gifts, treats, and lots of love.
July 30
Show your Father-in-Law some extra love this National Father-in-Law Day - cook him a delicious meal and let him know how much he means to you!
July 30
Celebrate International Day of Friendship with your closest pals - share stories, create memories, and show them how much you care!
August 1
Show your appreciation for your significant other this National Girlfriend Day - make them feel extra special with a romantic surprise!
August 6
Make your Friendship Day memorable - plan a fun day with your besties and show them how much you care!
August 6
Gather your loved ones and celebrate American Family Day - make lasting memories with fun activities, delicious food, and meaningful conversations!
August 6
Show your sister some love this National Sisters Day - take the time to bond and make memories that will last a lifetime!
August 9
Celebrate Hold Hands Day with your loved ones - show them you care by taking a stroll, giving hugs and holding hands!
August 11
Celebrate the special bond you share with your son and daughter this National Son and Daughter Day - show them some extra love & attention!
August 12
Celebrate National Middle Child Day with your siblings - show them extra love and attention to make their day extra special!
August 18
Celebrate National Couple's Day with your loved one - share your special moments and create memories that will last a lifetime!
August 25
Celebrate Kiss and Make Up Day with your loved ones - it's the perfect opportunity to forgive, forget, and show them how much you care!
September 1
Take a break from your busy life and enjoy National Lazy Mom's Day! Pamper yourself, relax with a book, or just take some time for yourself.
September 15
Unleash your creativity and celebrate International Dot Day with unique art projects, activities, and stories that explore the power of a single dot!
September 17
Today is Time's Up Day - join the movement to create a world where everyone can live and work free from harassment, abuse, and discrimination.
September 17
Show your wife some love this Wife Appreciation Day with thoughtful gifts and meaningful gestures - she deserves it!
September 18
Recapture that special feeling of first love this National First Love Day - share your memories and stories with friends and family!
September 22
Celebrate National Singles Day in style - show yourself some love with a spa day, new clothes, or whatever else makes you feel special!
September 23
Show your support for Celebrate Bisexuality Day! Join us in raising awareness, reducing stigma, and celebrating bi+ identities!
September 25
Celebrate National Daughters Day with your special girl - show her how much you care and make her feel loved!
September 26
National Family Day is the perfect opportunity to get the whole family together and create memories that will last a lifetime!
September 28
Show your neighbors some love this National Neighbor Day! Reach out with a friendly conversation, a homemade gift, or an offer to help with their projects.
September 28
Show your appreciation for your neighbors this National Good Neighbor Day by baking them a treat, sending them a card, or simply saying hello!
September 30
Spread the love this National Love People Day! Show kindness and appreciation to those around you with a smile, a hug, or words of encouragement.
October 3
Celebrate National Boyfriend Day with your special someone - show them your appreciation with flowers, chocolates, and special gifts!
October 4
Brew up a conversation and join your local police department for Coffee with a Cop Day - make connections, build relationships, and learn more!
October 6
Celebrate National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day by investing in her future - show your love with a special gift or fund!
October 7
Make National Forgiveness & Happiness Day the start of a new chapter in your life - let go of grudges and replace them with peace and joy!
October 7
Make someone feel special today - it's You Matter To Me Day! Reach out and show your loved ones just how much they mean to you.
October 11
Celebrate National Coming Out Day with pride - embrace who you are and share your story to inspire others!
October 11
Join us in celebrating International Day of the Girl Child - empower young women and girls around the world with education, independence, and love!
October 14
Show your love and appreciation for the special people in your life on National I Love You Day! Share hugs, kind words, and gifts to let them know you care.
October 17
Show your friends some love this National Pay Back a Friend Day - surprise them with a gift or act of kindness that they'll never forget!
October 19
Make new friends and reconnect with old ones on National New Friends Day - come together to share experiences and build lasting relationships!
October 19
Take time to celebrate Conflict Resolution Day - find peaceful solutions and promote harmony in your relationships!
October 22
Don't forget to show your appreciation for your mother-in-law this National Mother-in-Law Day - make her feel special with heartfelt cards and thoughtful gifts!
October 25
Show your friends, family, and loved ones that you care on National I Care About You Day - share kind words and thoughtful gifts to show them how much they mean to you!
October 30
Have you been thinking about your ex? National Text Your Ex Day is the perfect time to reach out and make amends - let's get closure!
November 17
Ready to give your online presence a clean sweep? Join us for National Unfriend Day and say goodbye to those unwanted social media connections!
November 18
Celebrate Married to a Scorpio Support Day with your special someone - show them appreciation and understanding for their unique traits!
November 20
Show your appreciation for Mom and Dad on National Pay Back Your Parents Day - surprise them with a heartfelt gift or an act of kindness!