National Middle Child Day

National Middle Child Day

Celebrate National Middle Child Day with your siblings - show them extra love and attention to make their day extra special!
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When it is?
August 12
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United States

Celebrate National Middle Child Day on August 12 by recognizing the unique and special place that middle children hold in their families! This day was created to honor all of those “forgotten” middle children who may not get as much attention as their siblings. But don't forget, these kids are often creative problem solvers and have a knack for getting along with everyone! So let's show our love to all the middle children out there.

History of National Middle Child Day

National Middle Child Day Timeline

January 2012
Co-founder Dan finishes the economics degree he promised his mum he’d complete, only to never use it and start his own clothing business (love you mum).
Co-founder Dan finishes the economics degree he promised his mum he’d complete, only to never use it and start his own clothing business (love you mum).

How to Celebrate National Middle Child Day

<div id="" class="celebrate-item"><h3 id="" class="celebrate-title"><span class="celebrate-number">1. </span>Throw a Middle Child Party</h3><p id="" class="celebrate-text">Organize a party with all the middle children in your family, friends, or neighbourhood and make it special for all the middle kids. Decorate with streamers, balloons, and other age-appropriate decorations.</p></div><div id="" class="celebrate-item"><h3 id="" class="celebrate-title"><span class="celebrate-number">2. </span>Present a Gift</h3><p id="" class="celebrate-text">Surprise your middle child with something special that only they will get. Think about their interests and come up with a unique present that is just for them.</p></div><div id="" class="celebrate-item"><h3 id="" class="celebrate-title"><span class="celebrate-number">3. </span>Visit a Museum</h3><p id="" class="celebrate-text">Take your middle child on a trip to an age appropriate museum such as an art gallery, history museum, or science museum. Let them explore and give them the attention they deserve.</p></div><div id="" class="celebrate-item"><h3 id="" class="celebrate-title"><span class="celebrate-number">4. </span>Go on an Adventure</h3><p id="" class="celebrate-text">Plan an adventure that's specific to the middle child's interests. Take them camping, fishing, or rock climbing—whatever will make their day special.</p></div><div id="" class="celebrate-item"><h3 id="" class="celebrate-title"><span class="celebrate-number">5. </span>Make a Special Meal</h3><p id="" class="celebrate-text">Cook up a meal that is specifically tailored to your middle child's tastes. Show them how much you care by taking the time to make something special.</p></div>

Why We Love National Middle Child Day



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National Middle Child Day FAQs

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Aug 12



Aug 12



Aug 12



Aug 12



Aug 12


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