Appreciation Holidays

January 4
Honor an amazing Rachel in your life on National Rachel Day - make it extra special with heartfelt gestures, gifts, and surprises!
January 9
Fourth graders, celebrate National Fourth Graders Day and show off your achievements with friends and family!
January 12
Show your gratitude to pharmacists this National Pharmacist Day - thank them for their dedication, hard work and commitment to helping others!
January 16
Today is the day to celebrate the majestic dragons! Make sure to show your appreciation for them on Appreciate a Dragon Day with special treats and activities!
January 18
Celebrate National Michigan Day by exploring the great lakes, discovering beautiful nature trails, and sampling delicious local cuisine!
January 19
Show your support for Gun Appreciation Day! Join us in celebrating responsible gun ownership and the right to bear arms.
January 25
Celebrate National Florida Day with a virtual trip to the Sunshine State - explore its stunning landscapes, amazing wildlife, and delicious cuisine!
February 3
Celebrate National Women Physicians Day and honor the amazing women who have dedicated their lives to helping others - show your support!
February 5
Celebrate National Weatherperson's Day on February 5th - thank your meteorologists for keeping you informed and safe with their forecasts!
February 6
Celebrate Bob Marley Day with a jammin' party - fill the air with reggae music and admire the life of this legendary artist.
February 18
Take a moment to appreciate your thumbs - they make life so much easier!
February 23
Show your gratitude this National Hospitality Workers Appreciation Day and thank the amazing hospitality workers for their hard work!
February 24
Make a toast to your favorite bartender on World Bartender Day - show them some love with gratitude and appreciation!
March 3
Show your appreciation and show some love to the special caregivers in your life this Caregiver Appreciation Day!
March 7
Honor the life and legacy of Alexander Graham Bell on his birthday - celebrate with a special tribute to his revolutionary achievements!
March 9
Show your appreciation for all the hard work your dishwasher does on National Dish Washer Appreciation Day - give it a break and do the dishes yourself!
March 14
Honor the amazing scientists of the world by celebrating Scientists Day! Show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication to advancing our knowledge.
March 19
Show your appreciation for certified nurses this Certified Nurses Day with heartfelt messages and thoughtful gifts - they deserve it!
March 31
Experience the beauty of the Eiffel Tower this Eiffel Tower Day - don't miss out on all of its stunning history and romance!
March 31
Today is International Trans Visibility Day - show your support and celebrate the resilience, courage, and strength of the trans community!
April 1
This Occupational Therapy Month, join us to recognize and celebrate the amazing work of occupational therapists in improving lives!
April 11
Celebrate National Submarine Day with a dive into the depths of underwater exploration!
April 14
Celebrate International Goalkeeper Day with your favorite team - cheer them on from the stands and honor their hard work and dedication!
April 16
Celebrate National Librarian Day with a special thank you to all the librarians out there - for their hard work and dedication to knowledge!
April 18
Show your love for velociraptors on National Velociraptor Awareness Day – learn more about these prehistoric creatures and celebrate their greatness!
April 18
Show your appreciation for the hardworking linemen on National Lineman Appreciation Day - thank them for keeping our power lines safe and secure!
April 21
Celebrate National Kindergarten Day with your little ones and make it a day full of learning, fun, and exploration!
April 25
Show your appreciation for the hardworking plumbers in your life on National Hug A Plumber Day - give them a hug and thank them for their services!
April 25
Show your hairdresser some love on National Hairstylist Appreciation Day - treat them to a special gift or surprise to show how much you care!
April 25
Show your appreciation for hardworking school bus drivers this School Bus Drivers' Day - it's the perfect opportunity to say 'thank you'!
April 27
Celebrate Babe Ruth Day with us - join us to commemorate the legendary baseball player's life and career!
May 1
Show your appreciation for your school principal this year on School Principals' Day - give them a card, flowers, or even a small gift!
May 5
Show your appreciation for all the hardworking lunch staff on School Lunch Hero Day - send them a thank you note and a kind word!
May 6
Show your appreciation for nurses this National Nurses Day! Show your support with donations, cards, and kind words to recognize their hard work.
May 9
Show your appreciation to teachers on National Teacher Day - thank them for their dedication and hard work in shaping young minds!
May 10
Show your appreciation for Third Shift Workers this National Third Shift Workers Day with heartfelt words and special treats!
May 12
Honor the heroes on International Nurses Day - thank them for their hard work and dedication to keeping us safe!
May 20
Show your appreciation and support for the brave men and women of our Armed Forces on Armed Forces Day - thank a service member today!
May 21
Show your appreciation to waitstaff on National Waitstaff Day - thank them with generous tips, kind words, and heartfelt gratitude!
May 24
Show your appreciation for caterers on National Caterers Appreciation Day - thank them for their delicious food and excellent service!
May 31
Don't miss out on Blonde Hair Day! Show off your fabulous locks and join in the celebration of all things blonde!
June 7
Make sure to recognize the hard work of supply chain professionals this International Supply Chain Professionals Day - show your appreciation!
June 7
Time to show your appreciation for tailors - celebrate National Tailors Day with a heartfelt thank you and special gifts!
June 22
Celebrate National HVAC Tech Day and show your appreciation for the HVAC technicians who keep our homes comfortable all year round!
June 29
Grab your rod and reel, it's time to celebrate International Fisherman Day! Get ready for a day of fun, fishing, and adventure!
July 3
Beat the heat this summer with Air Conditioning Appreciation Day! Enjoy amazing discounts and cool down in style with your favorite AC units!
July 16
Celebrate Artificial Intelligence Appreciation Day by exploring the latest advances in AI and discovering how it can help shape our future!
July 18
Honor the legacy of Nelson Mandela on International Day - take action to make the world a better place through kindness, respect and compassion!
July 19
Take the time to recognize and appreciate Flight Attendant Safety Professionals this day - salute their hard work and dedication!
July 31
Show your local lifeguards some love this International Lifeguard Appreciation Day - thank them for their hard work and dedication!
July 31
Today is World Ranger Day! Show your support for the brave rangers and join us in celebrating their conservation efforts.
August 8
Don't be afraid to celebrate National Tarantula Appreciation Day - explore the world of arachnids and appreciate their unique beauty!
August 17
Honor National Workers' Comp Adjuster Day and recognize the hard work and dedication of all workers’ comp adjusters! Show your appreciation today!
August 22
Today, let's take a moment to recognize the incredible work of our surgical oncologists and all they do in fighting cancer!
August 23
Show your appreciation for Health Unit Coordinators on their special day - thank them for their hard work and dedication to the healthcare field!
August 24
Pay tribute to Kobe Bryant on his special day - show your appreciation for the legend and celebrate his legacy with kindness, courage, and hard work.
September 12
Show your support for the brave women of law enforcement on National Police Woman Day - thank them for their selfless service and dedication!
September 13
Make your boss's day and give them a hug! National Hug Your Boss Day is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation and make workplace relationships better.
September 13
Celebrate Programmers Day and recognize the hard work of coders everywhere - from web developers to app makers, thank a coder today!
September 15
Celebrate World Engineers Day and honor the impact engineers have made on the world - from technology to architecture!
September 16
Show your appreciation for all the hard-working parents out there by celebrating Working Parents Day - it's time to recognize their dedication and achievements!
September 19
Show your appreciation for IT professionals on National IT Professionals Day - thank them for their hard work & dedication!
September 20
Give a big thank you to the crime and intelligence analysts who protect us - show your appreciation on National Crime and Intelligence Analyst Appreciation Day!
September 21
Give thanks and express your appreciation on World Gratitude Day - share your gratitude with family, friends, and loved ones!
September 22
Celebrate American Business Women's Day in style - recognize the amazing women who are changing the face of business and inspiring others!
September 22
Show your appreciation for elephants on National Elephant Appreciation Day - learn more about these majestic creatures and support conservation efforts!
September 22
Honor those who have lived a long and full life on National Centenarian's Day - take time to appreciate the wisdom of your elders!
September 25
Show your appreciation for food service employees on National Food Service Employee Day - thank them with a smile and a special treat!
October 2
Show your appreciation for custodians on National Custodian Day! Give a card, gift, or kind word of thanks to those who help keep our schools clean.
October 4
Show your support for truckers everywhere on National Truckers Appreciation Day - thank a trucker, donate to a charity, and spread the love!
October 5
Show your appreciation for the amazing teachers in your life on World Teachers' Day - gifts, cards, and kind words are a great way to show your thanks!
October 6
Celebrate National Plus Size Appreciation Day and recognize the beauty of every body type!
October 10
Don't miss out on National Hug a Drummer Day - give your favorite drummer a big hug and show them some love!
October 10
Spread some love this National Hug a Kevin Day - give your friends and family members an extra big hug to make them smile!
October 10
Don't miss out on celebrating the incredible contributions of Ada Lovelace - join us for ADA Lovelace Day and honor her legacy!
October 15
On World Students' Day, show your appreciation for the hard-working students in your life with special gifts and words of encouragement!
October 15
Show your Sunday School teachers how much you appreciate them this Teacher Appreciation Day - thank them for their hard work and dedication!
October 16
Head to your favorite department store on National Department Store Day for amazing deals and discounts on your must-have items!
October 17
Today is National Pharmacy Technician Day - thank your local technicians for their hard work and dedication to providing quality healthcare!
October 20
Boost your self-esteem! Celebrate National Youth Confidence Day by taking part in activities that help you build confidence and embrace your unique strengths.
October 21
Take part in Celebration of the Mind Day and explore your creativity - unleash your inner artist, thinker, and innovator!
October 22
Honor National Scar Appreciation Day and celebrate your story by embracing the courage it took for your scars to reach where you are today!
October 23
Celebrate National Paralegal Day by honoring the hardworking paralegals who help keep our legal system running smoothly and efficiently!
October 27
Show your support for National Mentoring Day! Join the movement and help build a brighter future for our youth with mentorship and guidance.
October 28
Show your appreciation to first responders everywhere on National First Responders Day - thank them for their courageous service and dedication!
October 30
Show your appreciation to the publicists who work hard to get the word out! Celebrate National Publicist Day with a special thank you!
November 1
This November, take time to appreciate all the good things in life and join us in celebrating National Gratitude Month!
November 3
Show your appreciation for the hard work of lawyers this Love Your Lawyer Day with thoughtful gifts and kind words!
November 5
Embrace your unique beauty this National Love Your Red Hair Day - let your fiery locks shine and have some fun!
November 6
Celebrate National Team Manager Day with your crew! Show your appreciation and say thanks to your amazing team managers for all their hard work.
November 9
Celebrate National Louisiana Day with delicious Cajun cuisine, zydeco music, and the unique culture of the Bayou State!
November 10
Celebrate International Accounting Day with us! Learn the latest trends and practices in accounting, plus gain access to exclusive discounts and offers.
November 15
Get ready to drum it up! National Drummer Day is here - join the celebration with special events, discounts, and more!
December 2
Raise a glass to National Bartender Day - show your appreciation for the hard work of your favorite bartenders with drinks, tips and kind words!
December 6
Honor the brave miners this National Miners Day with a moment of silence and appreciation for their hard work and sacrifice!
December 8
Celebrate National Blue Collar Day and show your appreciation for all the hard-working individuals who keep our communities running!
December 10
Show your appreciation to salespeople this National Salesperson Day with gifts, discounts, and heartfelt thank-yous!
December 16
Show some love to your favorite digital marketer on Digital Marketers Day! Send them a note of thanks for all their hard work and dedication.
December 17
Take flight this Wright Brother's Day and honor the inventors of the airplane - remember Orville and Wilbur with a special celebration!
December 17
Show your devices some love this National Device Appreciation Day - treat them to a fresh update or a brand new accessory!