Federal Holidays

January 4
Celebrate National Missouri Day with a trip to the Show Me State - explore its breathtaking scenery, unique culture, and delicious cuisine!
March 2
Celebrate Texas Independence Day with pride - don your best cowboy boots and show off your Lone Star State spirit!
March 17
Mark your calendars - it's Evacuation Day! Celebrate this important historical event by learning about our nation's past and honoring those who fought for freedom.
March 25
Honor those who have served and sacrificed for our country - join us in celebrating National Medal of Honor Day!
March 29
Honor and remember the brave veterans of the Vietnam War on National Vietnam War Veterans Day - thank them for their service and sacrifice!
May 1
Celebrate May Day with friends and family - brighten someone's day with a bouquet of flowers or a kind gesture to show you care!
May 1
Show your support for our service members this Military Appreciation Month - honor them with donations, thank you notes, and more!
May 15
Honor the brave heroes and pay tribute to those who sacrificed their lives - join us in celebrating Peace Officers Memorial Day.
May 17
Celebrate National Idaho Day with a trip to the Gem State! Enjoy all that Idaho has to offer — from its breathtaking nature to its delicious cuisine.
May 19
Celebrate National Defense Transportation Day by recognizing the important contributions of those who keep our transportation systems running safely and efficiently!
May 22
Celebrate Harvey Milk Day and honor his legacy of courage and activism - fight for justice, equality, and acceptance for all!
May 22
Celebrate National Maritime Day - explore the wonders of the oceans and join us in honoring those who keep our maritime industry running strong!
June 14
Honor the Army on its birthday - thank those who serve and have served for their commitment to protecting our freedom!
June 19
Celebrate Juneteenth in honor of the emancipation of African Americans - take part in special events, activities, and discussions!
June 25
Show your appreciation for seafarers everywhere on International Day of the Seafarer - thank them for their hard work and dedication!
July 1
Celebrate Canada Day with pride and joy - join the festivities, have fun, and show your Canadian spirit!
July 10
Explore the beauty of Wyoming on National Wyoming Day! From scenic landscapes to outdoor activities, there's something for everyone to enjoy.
August 4
Happy U.S. Coast Guard Birthday! Let's take a moment to thank our brave men and women who serve in the US Coast Guard for their service and dedication!
August 7
Honor and remember the brave men and women of our armed forces this Purple Heart Day - show your appreciation for their service and sacrifice!
August 17
Celebrate National Massachusetts Day - explore the rich history, culture, and attractions of this amazing state!
August 19
Soar into National Aviation Day with an unforgettable experience - take a scenic flight and explore the skies like never before!
August 29
Celebrate Individual Rights Day and stand up for your freedoms! Join the movement and show your support for human rights around the world!
September 2
Honor the brave men and women who fought for freedom on VJ Day - let's come together to honor their courage and sacrifice!
September 4
Take the day off to relax and enjoy - it's Labor Day! Time to kick back and celebrate all your hard work.
September 14
Celebrate National Virginia Day and discover the amazing history, culture, and attractions this beautiful state has to offer!
September 17
Celebrate Constitution Day and honor the Founding Fathers - learn about their work, the history of our nation, and how we can all participate in upholding this great document!
September 28
Experience the beauty of North Carolina this National North Carolina Day - explore its stunning beaches, forests, and cities!
October 5
Celebrate National Rhode Island Day with a trip to the Ocean State! Enjoy its beautiful beaches, delicious seafood, and exciting attractions.
October 9
Celebrate Leif Erikson Day with us - explore the legacy of this Viking explorer and discover all the amazing stories he left behind!
October 13
Honor the Navy on its birthday - show your gratitude and appreciation with heartfelt messages, salutes, and celebrations!
October 18
Show your local businesses some love on Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day! Shop, dine, and explore the best of your community.
October 19
Show off your state pride and celebrate National Kentucky Day with activities, recipes, and events that highlight the best of The Bluegrass State!
October 24
Celebrate United Nations Day and recognize the world's efforts for global peace and justice - let's join together to make a difference!
October 26
Honor those who serve and remember the sacrifices of our deployed military with National Day of the Deployed - join us in showing our appreciation!
October 26
Celebrate National Tennessee Day with a trip to the Volunteer State - explore its majestic mountains, vibrant cities, and unique culture!
November 2
Celebrate National Ohio Day with pride - explore the Buckeye State and discover all its amazing attractions, culture, and history!
November 10
Honor the Marine Corps' 245th Birthday with a tribute to those who serve and have served our country - thank you for your service!
November 10
Take a moment to remember those special people in your life on Forget Me Not Day - reach out with a kind gesture and show them you care!
November 11
Honor our veterans on Veterans Day - thank them for their service and show your appreciation with acts of kindness, donations, and more!
November 11
Celebrate National Indiana Day and honor the Hoosier State with a special day of activities, events, food, and fun!
November 23
Gather around the table and give thanks this Thanksgiving - indulge in delicious food, quality time with loved ones and make memories to last a lifetime!
December 7
Honor those who lost their lives on December 7th, 1941 during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Take time to remember and reflect this National Pearl Harbor Day of Remembrance.
December 7
Celebrate National Illinois Day with a trip to the Prairie State - explore its breathtaking landscapes and charming towns!
December 10
Celebrate Human Rights Day by standing up for those who don't have a voice - spread awareness, take action and make a difference!
December 15
Celebrate Bill of Rights Day and remember the fundamental rights guaranteed to all US citizens - our freedom is worth protecting!
December 28
Show your patriotism on Pledge of Allegiance Day - take a moment to reflect and remember the values that make our country great!