Arts & Entertainment Holidays

January 1
Celebrate Public Domain Day by exploring and sharing works of art, music, literature, and more that are now available to the public!
January 2
Celebrate National Science Fiction Day with a marathon of your favorite sci-fi films, books, and TV shows - explore the world of science fiction!
January 3
Celebrate JRR Tolkien Day by getting lost in the magical worlds of Middle-earth and beyond - explore the stories of The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and more!
January 4
Time to get groovin' - it's Pop Music Chart Day! Enjoy the latest hits and discover new music with our exclusive playlist.
January 5
Today is National Screenwriters Day - take some time to celebrate the creative minds that bring your favorite stories to life!
January 15
Celebrate National Hat Day in style! Grab your favorite hat and show off your personality with a head-turning look!
January 18
Let's celebrate Winnie the Pooh Day together! Grab your honey, your hunny-pots, and some honey-cubes - it's time to indulge in a little bit of Pooh!
January 20
Get the party started on National DJ Day - crank up the volume, turn on your favorite tunes, and let the good times roll!
January 30
Get creative this National Draw A Dinosaur Day! Show off your dinosaur drawing skills and win awesome prizes with our fun drawing contest!
February 1
Celebrate National Library Lovers Month by exploring your local library and discovering new books, authors, and stories!
February 2
Strum along to the beat of National Ukulele Day with our selection of ukuleles, songs, chords and tutorials - ready to play!
February 10
Don't get caught in the rain - celebrate National Umbrella Day by stocking up on stylish umbrellas for every occasion!
February 11
Ready to strum along? Celebrate National Guitar Day with friends and family - grab your guitars and rock out!
February 14
Celebrate Library Lovers' Day by visiting your local library and experiencing the joy of discovering a new book!
February 26
Make your fairy tale fantasies come true with Tell a Fairy Tale Day - let your imagination run wild and explore a world of magical stories!
February 26
Get ready to have some fun! Celebrate Carnival Day with your friends and family - join us for a day of music, dancing, games and more!
February 27
Gotta catch 'em all! Celebrate National Pokémon Day with new quests, rewards, and activities - it's the perfect day for any Pokémon fan!
March 6
Unleash your fashionista side and join us for National Dress Day! Get creative with your outfit and share your look with the world!
March 10
Celebrate Mario Day with a jump-tastic adventure! Join Mario and his pals on an epic quest to save the princess and enjoy classic gaming fun.
March 10
Celebrate International Bagpipe Day with music, parades, and traditional crafts - explore the vibrant culture of the bagpipes!
March 21
Celebrate World Poetry Day by sharing your favorite poems, writing your own verses, and discovering new works from around the world!
March 21
Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of your favorite fragrance on National Fragrance Day - a day for all scents, both old and new!
March 26
Celebrate Nike Air Max Day in style - get the latest releases, discounts and offers from your favorite sneaker brand!
March 27
Celebrate World Theatre Day with a night of drama, music, and laughter - explore the world of theatre from the comfort of your living room!
March 27
Come join the fun and express yourself on International Scribble Day - unleash your creativity with drawings, sketches, doodles, and more!
April 1
Join us in celebrating National Poetry Month, and explore the world of words through captivating rhymes and stories!
April 5
Celebrate First Contact Day - a day to honor the first peaceful encounter between humans and aliens. Make this day special with activities and events!
April 15
Anime fans, mark your calendars! National Anime Day is coming up - get ready for a day of marathons, cosplay, and all-round anime celebration!
April 15
Celebrate the beauty of art on World Art Day - explore new artists, get creative with crafts, and appreciate all forms of art!
April 16
Celebrate Selena Day with her music, movies, and more - show your love for the Queen of Tejano and honor her legacy!
April 17
Celebrate World Circus Day with a fun-filled day of clowns, acrobats, and amazing animal performances - get ready for the show of your life!
April 19
Ready for a gamble? Celebrate National Poker Day with friends, family, and fellow card sharks - it's time to hit the tables!
April 21
Celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Day by exploring new ideas, taking risks, and pushing the boundaries of your imagination!
April 23
Celebrate World Book Day with a good read! Discover new authors, explore classic favorites, and get lost in an exciting story today!
April 23
Celebrate Shakespeare Day with a bang! Read your favorite sonnet, watch a Shakespeare play, or visit the birthplace of the Bard - all from the comfort of home!
April 23
It's Movie Theatre Day! Grab some popcorn and settle into your seat for the ultimate viewing experience - nothing beats a night at the movies!
April 23
It's time to get ready for Talk Like Shakespeare Day - brush up on your "thees" and "thous" and prepare for a day of Elizabethan fun!
April 27
Bring your stories to life and celebrate National Tell A Story Day! Share tales with friends and family, or go on a magical adventure of your own.
April 28
Celebrate National Superhero Day with your own superpowers - show kindness and courage to make the world a better place!
April 29
Shake a leg and join the celebration of International Dance Day - dance away your troubles and have a joyful time!
April 29
Celebrate Viral Video Day by sharing your favorite videos online and get ready to watch them go viral!
April 30
Celebrate National Bugs Bunny Day with your favorite cartoons and movies - it's time to hop along with the iconic rabbit!
April 30
Come join the party on International Jazz Day and let loose to some smooth tunes!
May 1
Don't be caught unprepared for Zombie Awareness Month - brush up on your zombie survival skills and get ready to take on the undead!
May 2
Celebrate International Harry Potter Day with magical activities, recipes, and fun for the whole family - let's get ready to cast spells!
May 4
May the Fourth be with you! Join us in celebrating Star Wars Day with special activities, discounts, and deals to make it a day to remember!
May 5
Celebrate National Cartoonists Day by appreciating the amazing work of these talented artists - pick up your favorite comic and enjoy!
May 5
Ready to rock out? Join the celebration of National Concert Day with discounts and offers on tickets, merchandise, and more!
May 6
It's time to get your geek on! Enjoy Free Comic Book Day with awesome giveaways, discounts, and activities - perfect for comic book lovers everywhere!
May 11
Step into the Twilight Zone on National Twilight Zone Day - explore the unknown and dive into some of the most incredible sci-fi stories ever told!
May 13
Join the global celebration of World Belly Dance Day - get your hips shaking with fun workshops and exciting performances!
May 16
Celebrate Drawing Day by unleashing your creativity - grab some paper and pencils and let your imagination run wild!
May 21
May the words of Yoda be with you! Celebrate National Talk Like Yoda Day by sharing your best Yoda-isms and having a good laugh!
May 22
It's Buy A Musical Instrument Day - time to make some beautiful music and explore your creative side!
May 25
Put on your dancing shoes and show off some fancy footwork - it's National Tap Dance Day! Let's get tapping and celebrate this amazing art form.
May 25
Pay tribute to the legendary Douglas Adams and celebrate Towel Day with a special event - gather your friends, create an homage, and have fun!
May 25
Let your voice be heard on National Sing Out Day - belt out your favorite tunes with friends and family for a fun-filled day of music!
May 30
Unleash your creative side this National Creativity Day - explore new hobbies, start a project, or just let your imagination run wild!
June 3
Show your appreciation for all the simps in your life and celebrate National Simp Day with a thoughtful gift or grand gesture!
June 6
Gather the family and head out to your local drive-in to celebrate National Drive-In Movie Day - a night of nostalgia, fun, and classic movies!
June 9
Join the quacky celebration! National Donald Duck Day is here - gather your friends and family to honor everyone's favorite duck!
June 12
Celebrate Superman Day and join the world in honoring the iconic hero with special events, discounts, and activities!
June 16
Celebrate Bloomsday with us! Find special events, tours, and activities to commemorate the life and works of James Joyce.
June 25
Celebrate Global Beatles Day with the world! Join us in singing along to your favorite Beatles tunes and enjoying their timeless music!
June 29
Capture the moment with National Camera Day! Get ready to snap some amazing photos and capture special memories that will last a lifetime.
July 1
Let's groove and celebrate International Reggae Day with music, dancing, and good vibes!
July 4
Celebrate Alice in Wonderland Day with colorful tea parties, dress-up activities, and a screening of the classic movie - it's time to get curious!
July 5
Celebrate National Bikini Day in style - show off your favorite swimwear, enjoy the beach or pool, and take plenty of pictures to remember the day!
July 17
Celebrate World Emoji Day with a bang! Express yourself with your favorite emojis and share the love on social media to spread the fun!
July 19
Get ready for some football fun! Celebrate National Football Day with your friends, family, and team - it's time to show your spirit!
July 21
Make Invite an Alien to Live with You Day extra special - invite your favorite extraterrestrial for a day of fun activities and out-of-this-world snacks!
July 28
Gather your friends and family to celebrate National Soccer Day with a game or two - it's the perfect way to have some fun in the sun!
July 31
Celebrate Harry Potter's birthday in style - put on your house robes, grab a wand, and join us for magical fun!
August 1
Swing into the action and join us in celebrating Spider-Man Day! Put on your spidey suit and get ready for a day of web slinging fun.
August 2
Color your way to happiness this National Coloring Book Day - grab your favorite coloring book and some crayons and let the creative fun begin!
August 5
Get comfy and celebrate National Underwear Day - time to stock up on new undies or upgrade your wardrobe with some cute lingerie!
August 7
Celebrate National Lighthouse Day with a tour of some of the world's most beautiful lighthouses - enjoy stunning views and learn about maritime history!
August 8
Celebrate National Pickleball Day with friends - grab your rackets and head to the court for a fun day of friendly competition!
August 10
Make your voice heard on Vlogging Day - share your story, express yourself, and join the global community of vloggers!
August 12
Celebrate National Vinyl Record Day with your favorite tunes! Get your record players ready and enjoy all the classic hits!
August 18
Celebrate National Bad Poetry Day with your friends - share the worst rhymes and lines you can think of for a hilarious day of fun!
August 19
Capture the perfect moment on National Photography Day! Get creative with your camera and show off your best shots to friends and family.
August 19
Capture the beauty of the world on World Photo Day - snap a photo and share it to spread joy, positivity, and inspiration!
August 28
Celebrate National Power Rangers Day with style! Put on your favourite costume, dress up as a Power Ranger, and enjoy all the fun activities!
September 6
Take some time off and get lost in the pages of your favorite book - today is National Read a Book Day!
September 14
Get creative this National Coloring Day! Dive into a world of colors and creativity - pick up your favorite coloring book today!
September 16
Get grooving and join in on the fun of National Dance Day - dance your way to health, happiness, and self-expression!
September 16
Celebrate Batman Day by donning your cape and cowl and indulging in all things Batman - comics, movies, merchandise, and more!
September 16
Share your ink story and join others in celebrating National Tattoo Story Day - it's time to show off your body art!
September 17
Celebrate International Country Music Day with the best tunes, songs, and artists - get ready to rock your country music heart out!
September 20
Celebrate International NFT Day with amazing art, collectibles, and virtual experiences - join the conversation and explore the possibilities!
September 23
Make sure to mark your calendar for National Checkers Day - challenge a friend to a game and see who comes out on top!
September 24
Celebrate World Bollywood Day with the best of music, movies and culture - join us in honoring India's vibrant film industry!
September 25
Celebrate National One-Hit Wonder Day with a playlist of all your favorite one-hit wonders - it's the perfect way to jam out and reminisce!
September 29
Join the celebration of National Silent Movie Day - silent films, classic movie marathons, and fun activities await!
October 1
Celebrate International Music Day with friends and family - get together for a jam session or dance party to show your love of music!
October 3
It's time to 'fetch' your pink shirt and join in the fun - October 3rd is Mean Girls Day! Celebrate with fun activities and themed treats.
October 6
Celebrate Kids Music Day by singing, dancing and making music with your little ones - let the fun never end!
October 14
Turn up the volume and join in on Universal Music Day! Celebrate your favorite music with friends, family, and loved ones.
October 17
Celebrate Black Poetry Day with amazing works of art from black poets! Read, write and share to recognize the beauty of their words.