National Essay Day

National Essay Day

Make National Essay Day one to remember - brush up on your writing skills, get creative, and craft an essay that will stand out!
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When it is?
February 28
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United States

Get ready to show off your writing skills and celebrate National Essay Day on Feb. 28! This special day was created to recognize the importance of essay writing in our everyday lives. It's a great opportunity for students, writers, and everyone else to take a moment to express their thoughts and ideas through the written word. Whether you're writing a short story, an opinion piece, or an academic essay – this is the perfect time to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and get creative!

History of National Essay Day

National Essay Day Timeline

January 2012
Co-founder Dan finishes the economics degree he promised his mum he’d complete, only to never use it and start his own clothing business (love you mum).
Co-founder Dan finishes the economics degree he promised his mum he’d complete, only to never use it and start his own clothing business (love you mum).

How to Celebrate National Essay Day

<div id="" class="celebrate-item"><h3 id="" class="celebrate-title"><span class="celebrate-number">1. </span>Write an essay</h3><p id="" class="celebrate-text">Pick a topic that interests you and write an essay about it. It can be a personal essay, a persuasive essay, or an argumentative essay.</p></div><div id="" class="celebrate-item"><h3 id="" class="celebrate-title"><span class="celebrate-number">2. </span>Read an essay</h3><p id="" class="celebrate-text">Choose an essay you find interesting and read it to celebrate National Essay Day. You can find essays online, in newspapers, magazines, or even in books.</p></div><div id="" class="celebrate-item"><h3 id="" class="celebrate-title"><span class="celebrate-number">3. </span>Share an essay</h3><p id="" class="celebrate-text">Share your favorite essay with friends and family. Whether it is on social media, email, or in person, it is a great way to pay tribute to the art of the written word.</p></div><div id="" class="celebrate-item"><h3 id="" class="celebrate-title"><span class="celebrate-number">4. </span>Compose an essay</h3><p id="" class="celebrate-text">Challenge yourself by composing an original essay. Pick a topic you are passionate about and let your creativity flow!</p></div><div id="" class="celebrate-item"><h3 id="" class="celebrate-title"><span class="celebrate-number">5. </span>Edit an essay</h3><p id="" class="celebrate-text">Take some time to edit and revise someone else's essay as a way to celebrate National Essay Day. You can help someone make their writing better and gain valuable editing experience.</p></div>

Why We Love National Essay Day



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Feb 28



Feb 28



Feb 28



Feb 28



Feb 28


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