National Compliance Officer Day

National Compliance Officer Day
Today is National Compliance Officer Day! Show your appreciation for all the hard work they do and thank them for their dedication to keeping us safe.
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When it is?
September 26
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United States

Celebrate National Compliance Officer Day on Sept. 26 and show your appreciation for the hard work of compliance officers around the world! This day was created to recognize the important role that compliance officers play in ensuring companies are adhering to laws and regulations. It is also a great opportunity to learn more about the profession, and find out what it takes to become a successful compliance officer. So join in the celebration and recognize these professionals who work tirelessly to protect businesses from legal risks.

History of National Compliance Officer Day

National Compliance Officer Day Timeline

January 2012
Co-founder Dan finishes the economics degree he promised his mum he’d complete, only to never use it and start his own clothing business (love you mum).
Co-founder Dan finishes the economics degree he promised his mum he’d complete, only to never use it and start his own clothing business (love you mum).

How to Celebrate National Compliance Officer Day

<div id="" class="celebrate-item"><h3 id="" class="celebrate-title"><span class="celebrate-number">1. </span>Organize a Compliance Officer Appreciation Day</h3><p id="" class="celebrate-text">Recognize the hard work of your compliance officers by dedicating a whole day to their efforts. Celebrate with special awards, lunch and treats, or a fun activity like team building.</p></div><div id="" class="celebrate-item"><h3 id="" class="celebrate-title"><span class="celebrate-number">2. </span>Send thank you cards</h3><p id="" class="celebrate-text">Compliance officers work hard every day to ensure your organization is compliant. Show your appreciation with a handwritten thank you card.</p></div><div id="" class="celebrate-item"><h3 id="" class="celebrate-title"><span class="celebrate-number">3. </span>Host an educational event</h3><p id="" class="celebrate-text">Invite compliance officers from other organizations to attend an educational event on the latest topics in compliance. This is a great way to build relationships and ensure everyone is up to date on the latest regulations.</p></div><div id="" class="celebrate-item"><h3 id="" class="celebrate-title"><span class="celebrate-number">4. </span>Schedule team building activities</h3><p id="" class="celebrate-text">Set aside an afternoon for a team building activity such as bowling, laser tag, or a cooking class. This will give your compliance officers a chance to get to know each other better and build camaraderie.</p></div><div id="" class="celebrate-item"><h3 id="" class="celebrate-title"><span class="celebrate-number">5. </span>Create a Compliance Officer Hall of Fame</h3><p id="" class="celebrate-text">Honor past and present compliance officers by creating a Compliance Officer Hall of Fame. Post photos and bios in the break room for everyone to appreciate.</p></div>

Why National Compliance Officer Day is Important

<div id='' class='matter-item'><h3 id='' class='matter-title'><span class='matter-letter'>A.</span>Compliance officers ensure compliance with laws and regulations</h3><p id='' class='matters-text'>Compliance officers help to ensure that organizations follow the laws, regulations and guidelines they are required to abide by. This helps to protect both customers and employees from fraudulent or unethical activities, as well as ensuring that businesses operate in accordance with best practices in their industry.</p></div><div id='' class='matter-item'><h3 id='' class='matter-title'><span class='matter-letter'>B.</span>Compliance officers uphold ethical business standards</h3><p id='' class='matters-text'>Compliance officers ensure that all business operations adhere to ethical standards. This helps keep businesses accountable for their actions, leading to better customer service, trustworthiness and a positive reputation for the organization.</p></div><div id='' class='matter-item'><h3 id='' class='matter-title'><span class='matter-letter'>C.</span>Compliance officers reduce legal risks</h3><p id='' class='matters-text'>By ensuring that organizations adhere to relevant laws and regulations, compliance officers help reduce the risk of legal action being taken against them. This can lead to cost savings on lawyer's fees and other potential costs associated with noncompliance.</p></div>



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National Compliance Officer Day FAQs

When is National Compliance Officer Day?

National Compliance Officer Day is celebrated on September 26th every year. In 2023 National Compliance Officer Day will occur on a Tuesday.

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Sep 26



Sep 26



Sep 26



Sep 26



Sep 26


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