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National Crab Rangoon Day

Get ready to indulge in delicious, crispy Crab Rangoon on National Crab Rangoon Day - the perfect excuse to treat yourself!
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When it is?
February 13
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United States
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Get ready to indulge in some delicious fried goodness on National Crab Rangoon Day on February 13! Did you know that this popular appetizer originated from the Chinese American cuisine and was first introduced in San Francisco? These crispy, creamy and savory treats have been a favorite among many for decades. Celebrate this day by trying out different variations of this dish or even making your own at home. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you!

History of National Crab Rangoon Day

National Crab Rangoon Day Dates

National Crab Rangoon Day Timeline

<div class='timeline-item'><div class='timeline-left'><div class='timeline-date-text'>1950</div></div><div class='timeline-center'></div><div class='timeline-right'><div class='timeline-text timeline-text-title'>Crab Rangoon Invented</div><div class='timeline-text'>Crab Rangoon was invented by Victor Bergeron in his Trader Vic's restaurant in San Francisco.</div></div></div><div class='timeline-item'><div class='timeline-left'><div class='timeline-date-text'>1963</div></div><div class='timeline-center'></div><div class='timeline-right'><div class='timeline-text timeline-text-title'>"Polynesian-Style" Cuisine Spread</div><div class='timeline-text'>The spread of Bergeron's "Polynesian-style" restaurants across the U.S. led to an increase in the popularity of Crab Rangoon.</div></div></div><div class='timeline-item'><div class='timeline-left'><div class='timeline-date-text'>1982</div></div><div class='timeline-center'></div><div class='timeline-right'><div class='timeline-text timeline-text-title'>First Fast Food Appearance</div><div class='timeline-text'>Crab Rangoon made its debut in fast-food restaurants, with Panda Express being one of the first to include it on their menu.</div></div></div><div class='timeline-item'><div class='timeline-left'><div class='timeline-date-text'>2005</div></div><div class='timeline-center'></div><div class='timeline-right'><div class='timeline-text timeline-text-title'>DIY Crab Rangoon Recipes</div><div class='timeline-text'>Crab Rangoon recipes became increasingly popular on food blogs and cooking shows, propelling it into mainstream home cooking.</div></div></div><div class='timeline-item'><div class='timeline-left'><div class='timeline-date-text'>2013</div></div><div class='timeline-center'></div><div class='timeline-right'><div class='timeline-text timeline-text-title'>National Crab Rangoon Day Start</div><div class='timeline-text'>The inaugural National Crab Rangoon Day is celebrated, dedicating February 13 to appreciate and enjoy this popular appetizer.</div></div></div>

How to Celebrate National Crab Rangoon Day

<div id='' class='facts-item'><div id='' class='facts-header'><h3 id='' class='facts-number'>1</h3></div><div id='' class='facts-text-wrapper'><h3 id='' class='facts-title'>Make your own crab rangoon</h3><p id='' class='facts-text'>Try your hand at making this delicious appetizer at home. All you need is cream cheese, crab meat, wonton wrappers, and oil for frying. You can find plenty of easy-to-follow recipes online.</p></div></div><div id='' class='facts-item'><div id='' class='facts-header'><h3 id='' class='facts-number'>2</h3></div><div id='' class='facts-text-wrapper'><h3 id='' class='facts-title'>Go out for crab rangoon</h3><p id='' class='facts-text'>If cooking is not your thing, why not treat yourself to some delicious crab rangoon at a local Chinese restaurant? This way you can sample different versions and find your favorite.</p></div></div><div id='' class='facts-item'><div id='' class='facts-header'><h3 id='' class='facts-number'>3</h3></div><div id='' class='facts-text-wrapper'><h3 id='' class='facts-title'>Have a crab rangoon taste test</h3><p id='' class='facts-text'>Invite friends over and have a blind taste test with different versions of crab rangoon from different restaurants or homemade recipes. See who can guess the most correctly and crown the ultimate crab rangoon connoisseur.</p></div></div><div id='' class='facts-item'><div id='' class='facts-header'><h3 id='' class='facts-number'>4</h3></div><div id='' class='facts-text-wrapper'><h3 id='' class='facts-title'>Create a themed menu</h3><p id='' class='facts-text'>Plan a whole meal centered around crab rangoon. You can serve it as an appetizer, along with other Chinese dishes like lo mein and fried rice, for a delicious and cohesive dining experience.</p></div></div><div id='' class='facts-item'><div id='' class='facts-header'><h3 id='' class='facts-number'>5</h3></div><div id='' class='facts-text-wrapper'><h3 id='' class='facts-title'>Host a crab rangoon cooking competition</h3><p id='' class='facts-text'>Gather some friends who love to cook and have them compete to see who can make the best crab rangoon. This will not only be a fun way to celebrate the day, but also a chance to try different versions and techniques.</p></div></div>

Why We Love National Crab Rangoon Day

<div id='' class='whywelove-item'><div id='' class='whywelove-letter-cont'><div class='whywelove-letter'>A</div></div><div id='why-we-love-main-cont'><h3 id='' class='whywelove-title'>It's a unique and delicious dish</h3><p id='' class='whywelove-text'>Crab rangoon is a tasty appetizer that combines flavorful cream cheese with succulent crab meat, all wrapped up in crispy wonton wrappers. This dish is not only visually appealing, but it also offers a satisfying mix of textures and flavors that are sure to please your taste buds.</p></div></div><div id='' class='whywelove-item'><div id='' class='whywelove-letter-cont'><div class='whywelove-letter'>B</div></div><div id='why-we-love-main-cont'><h3 id='' class='whywelove-title'>It's easy to enjoy at home or when dining out</h3><p id='' class='whywelove-text'>With the rise of Asian fusion cuisine, crab rangoon has become a popular dish at many restaurants. But it's also simple enough to make at home for a fun cooking activity or when craving this delicious treat. Plus, you can play around with different ingredients and create your own unique twist on the classic recipe!</p></div></div><div id='' class='whywelove-item'><div id='' class='whywelove-letter-cont'><div class='whywelove-letter'>C</div></div><div id='why-we-love-main-cont'><h3 id='' class='whywelove-title'>It makes for a great party appetizer</h3><p id='' class='whywelove-text'>Planning to host a party or get-together? Crab rangoon is the perfect appetizer to serve your guests. It's bite-sized, easy to eat, and never fails to impress with its combination of savory flavors. Plus, it pairs well with a variety of drinks, making it a versatile dish for any occasion.</p></div></div>

5 Delicious Facts About Crab Rangoon

<div class='facts-item'><div class='facts-number-wrapper'><p class='facts-number'>1</p></div><div class='facts-core-content'><h3 class='facts-title'>Crab Rangoon is Not Traditionally Chinese</h3><p class='facts-content'>Despite its prevalent appearance on Chinese-American restaurant menus, crab Rangoon is not a traditional Chinese dish. It was most likely created in the United States.</p></div></div><div class='facts-item'><div class='facts-number-wrapper'><p class='facts-number'>2</p></div><div class='facts-core-content'><h3 class='facts-title'>Crab Rangoon Originated in San Francisco</h3><p class='facts-content'>Crab Rangoon was first served at a tiki bar in San Francisco, the "Trader Vic's", in the 1950s, thus making its American origins very clear.</p></div></div><div class='facts-item'><div class='facts-number-wrapper'><p class='facts-number'>3</p></div><div class='facts-core-content'><h3 class='facts-title'>Ingredients Usually Include Imitation Crab</h3><p class='facts-content'>The common ingredients of crab Rangoon include cream cheese and crab or imitation crab, wrapped in a wonton wrapper and then deep fried. Imitation crab often replaces real crab due to cost considerations.</p></div></div><div class='facts-item'><div class='facts-number-wrapper'><p class='facts-number'>4</p></div><div class='facts-core-content'><h3 class='facts-title'>Crab Rangoon Has Various Names</h3><p class='facts-content'>Though most commonly known as Crab Rangoon, it is also referred to as crab puffs, crab cheese wontons, or cheese wontons in some regions.</p></div></div><div class='facts-item'><div class='facts-number-wrapper'><p class='facts-number'>5</p></div><div class='facts-core-content'><h3 class='facts-title'>Crab Rangoon Can Be Accompanied by Different Dips</h3><p class='facts-content'>Crab Rangoon is often served with a variety of dipping sauces like sweet and sour sauce, soy sauce or sweet chili sauce, bringing out the creaminess of the filling.</p></div></div>

National Crab Rangoon Day FAQs

When is National Crab Rangoon Day?

National Crab Rangoon Day is celebrated on February 13 every year. In 2024 National Crab Rangoon Day will occur on a Tuesday.

National Crab Rangoon Day Dates



Feb 13



Feb 13



Feb 13



Feb 13



Feb 13


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