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Autism Sunday

On Autism Sunday, come together in faith, understanding, and love. An important day to celebrate, support and raise awareness about autism worldwide.
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February 11
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Wrap yourself in compassion and understanding this February 11, as we join hands across the globe to observe Autism Sunday. From humble beginnings in a London church back in 2002, this day has grown into an international movement of faith, united in raising awareness and promoting understanding of autism worldwide. Regardless of whether you're directly impacted by autism or not, this day sends a message of love, acceptance, and inclusion that is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. On Autism Sunday, we stand together, recognizing the individuality and unique abilities of each and every person on the autism spectrum. It's a day for celebration, reflection, and above all, love. Let's ignite the conversations about autism, raise our voices and enlighten the world about the power of understanding.

History of Autism Sunday

Autism Sunday Dates

Autism Sunday Timeline

<div class='timeline-item'><div class='timeline-left'><div class='timeline-date-text'>2002</div></div><div class='timeline-center'></div><div class='timeline-right'><div class='timeline-text timeline-text-title'>Autism Sunday Inception</div><div class='timeline-text'>Ivan and Charika Corea, parents of a child with autism, establish Autism Sunday in a small church in London.</div></div></div><div class='timeline-item'><div class='timeline-left'><div class='timeline-date-text'>2005</div></div><div class='timeline-center'></div><div class='timeline-right'><div class='timeline-text timeline-text-title'>Global Recognition</div><div class='timeline-text'>The observance gains global recognition as churches around the world start to participate in Autism Sunday services.</div></div></div><div class='timeline-item'><div class='timeline-left'><div class='timeline-date-text'>2008</div></div><div class='timeline-center'></div><div class='timeline-right'><div class='timeline-text timeline-text-title'>UN's World Autism Awareness Day</div><div class='timeline-text'>United Nations recognizes the need for awareness, declaring April 2 as World Autism Awareness Day, further pushing autism issues into the global stage.</div></div></div><div class='timeline-item'><div class='timeline-left'><div class='timeline-date-text'>2010</div></div><div class='timeline-center'></div><div class='timeline-right'><div class='timeline-text timeline-text-title'>Celebrated on Six Continents</div><div class='timeline-text'>By this year, Autism Sunday was celebrated on six continents, reaching millions of people worldwide.</div></div></div><div class='timeline-item'><div class='timeline-left'><div class='timeline-date-text'>2021</div></div><div class='timeline-center'></div><div class='timeline-right'><div class='timeline-text timeline-text-title'>Online Celebration</div><div class='timeline-text'>Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many Autism Sunday events move online to continue awareness and support.</div></div></div>

How to Celebrate Autism Sunday

<div class='facts-item'><div class='facts-header'><h3 class='facts-number'>1</h3></div><div class='facts-text-wrapper'><h3 class='facts-title'>Organize an Autism-focused movie night</h3><p class='facts-text'>There are many films and TV shows that portray characters with autism in a sensitive and enlightening way. Gather friends and family and watch a film or a series episode featuring a character with autism. After the film, open a discussion about the character's experiences and triumphs.</p></div></div><div class='facts-item'><div class='facts-header'><h3 class='facts-number'>2</h3></div><div class='facts-text-wrapper'><h3 class='facts-title'>Host an Autism Awareness event at your local church</h3><p class='facts-text'>Connect with your pastor or church leader to organize a special service or event to raise awareness about autism. This event could include guest speakers who are specialists in the field, or individuals who have personal experience with autism.</p></div></div><div class='facts-item'><div class='facts-header'><h3 class='facts-number'>3</h3></div><div class='facts-text-wrapper'><h3 class='facts-title'>Create an Autism Sunday Bible Study</h3><p class='facts-text'>Organize a Bible Study focused on understanding and applying passages in the Bible that relate to compassion, acceptance, and understanding. Discuss how these teachings apply to the experiences of individuals with autism and their families.</p></div></div><div class='facts-item'><div class='facts-header'><h3 class='facts-number'>4</h3></div><div class='facts-text-wrapper'><h3 class='facts-title'>Invest in Autism-Positive Literature</h3><p class='facts-text'>Look for books written by authors with autism or books that depict characters with autism. Share these books with friends, family, and church members to increase understanding and empathy towards people with autism.</p></div></div><div class='facts-item'><div class='facts-header'><h3 class='facts-number'>5</h3></div><div class='facts-text-wrapper'><h3 class='facts-title'>Donate to an Autism Charity</h3><p class='facts-text'>There are many worthy charities that work towards better understanding, supporting, and advocating for people with autism. For Autism Sunday, consider making a donation in honor of someone you know who is affected by autism, or just to show your support for the cause.</p></div></div>

Why Autism Sunday is Important

<div id='' class='whywelove-item'><div id='' class='whywelove-letter-cont'><div class='whywelove-letter'>A</div></div><div id='why-we-love-main-cont'><h3 id='' class='whywelove-title'>It provides an opportunity for awareness and understanding</h3><p id='' class='whywelove-text'>Autism Sunday is a day dedicated to bringing attention to a condition that affects many individuals and families worldwide. It provides an opportunity to learn more about autism, spread awareness and contribute towards building an inclusive society where here everyone, irrespective of their abilities, is welcomed and celebrated.</p></div></div><div id='' class='whywelove-item'><div id='' class='whywelove-letter-cont'><div class='whywelove-letter'>B</div></div><div id='why-we-love-main-cont'><h3 id='' class='whywelove-title'>It encourages inclusivity and acceptance</h3><p id='' class='whywelove-text'>Autism Sunday serves as a reminder that we are all unique in our own ways. It helps in breaking down barriers and stigmas related to autism, emphasizing the importance of acceptance, not just tolerance. It's a great way to foster understanding, compassion, and inclusivity within the community.</p></div></div><div id='' class='whywelove-item'><div id='' class='whywelove-letter-cont'><div class='whywelove-letter'>C</div></div><div id='why-we-love-main-cont'><h3 id='' class='whywelove-title'>It gives room for community involvement</h3><p id='' class='whywelove-text'>Autism Sunday opens doors for community engagement through organizing autism-focused events, discussions, and fundraisers. It not only raises awareness but also promotes an atmosphere of support for individuals with autism and their families, reinforcing the principle that everyone has a role to play in creating compassionate and understanding societies.</p></div></div>

5 Enlightening Facts for Autism Sunday Celebration

<div class='facts-item'><div class='facts-number-wrapper'><p class='facts-number'>1</p></div><div class='facts-core-content'><h3 class='facts-title'>Autism Spectrum Disorder affects 1 in 54 children in the U.S</h3><p class='facts-content'>According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the prevalence of autism has been rising over the years, emphasizing the need for awareness and understanding.</p></div></div><div class='facts-item'><div class='facts-number-wrapper'><p class='facts-number'>2</p></div><div class='facts-core-content'><h3 class='facts-title'>It's named 'spectrum' because symptoms can be vastly different</h3><p class='facts-content'>Autism is known as a 'spectrum' disorder because the severity and range of symptoms can vary widely from person to person. This diverse manifestation underscores the uniqueness of each individual with autism.</p></div></div><div class='facts-item'><div class='facts-number-wrapper'><p class='facts-number'>3</p></div><div class='facts-core-content'><h3 class='facts-title'>Early intervention can significantly impact development</h3><p class='facts-content'>Research confirms that early intervention treatment services can substantially improve a child's development, aiding in valuable gains in language and social skills.</p></div></div><div class='facts-item'><div class='facts-number-wrapper'><p class='facts-number'>4</p></div><div class='facts-core-content'><h3 class='facts-title'>People with Autism can have unique cognitive abilities</h3><p class='facts-content'>Often, people with autism excel in areas like art, math, and visual skills. Some possess remarkable memory, music talent, or an astonishing ability to understand complex systems.</p></div></div><div class='facts-item'><div class='facts-number-wrapper'><p class='facts-number'>5</p></div><div class='facts-core-content'><h3 class='facts-title'>People with Autism often have heightened sensory sensitivity</h3><p class='facts-content'>Many individuals with autism may have heightened senses and perceive sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touch in different ways. They can be sensitive to everyday stimuli, further underscoring the need for a considerate understanding environment.</p></div></div>

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